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Dan H.

Dan H.


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Honestly a more pressing issue is garbage like this







Seriously, this is fucking trash. The idiots who started those threads should be thankful the mods are a little more open minded and situational.

Don't try to tell me your precious madison or eric wouldn't have had all of those threads deleted, and all of the posters banned, IP banned, and every proxy and alt account they tried to make banned.

Personally I think every one of those OPs should have been banned, but luckily for them, the mods have the decent sense to humor them with civil discussion, or offer for the bashing to go to PMs.

Those threads are a LITTLE more severe than Dazey and lenny picking on poor thomas meadow.

EDIT: What's sad is I didn't even use the search feature for those threads. I looked on the first two pages.

Edited by LiveFromNormal, 01 December 2012 - 03:59 PM.

The King of Carrot Flowers




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Just logged on for the first time in weeks -- Who said "Subs has gone AWOL shows how much he cares..." Excuse me!? don't be ridiculous -- I care more about this forum as much if not more than ANY member past or present, I most certainly have not, and will not, give up on mygnrforum.
There's no special treatment here for anyone (that includes anyone who's donated), I made that clear when we posted the forum rules -- So a small minority are unhappy that's fine dont post here, or give it a rest for a few days/weeks - isnt that normal people do when they're fed up with something? but to bang on and on about the same points just serves to infuriate other members.

I've been here since 2003 and it's always been the same -- you're completely delusional if you think or state otherwise -- People will go, some will go and come back, some will go and come back under a different name and some will indeed not post at all -- I've ALWAYS stated I'm cool with people not liking it here, no problem but please don't expect anyone to respect your constant bitching, move on gracefully!

I have to be honest and say I've been so busy with work and family related problems that i've really struggled to log on. I have still answered every PM or email issued to me, I respond to High' via email when he needs me or needs advise so whilst I have taken a back seat (as I always stated I would do by the way if you read back or/and, have a good memory), I'm still aware of whats going on generally. I think this stretch is the longest I've been away for years and to be honest I will make an effort to 'cover' more as High' is away earning a well earned break but I'm still under fairly severe pressure at home. It's not an excuse, it's real guys and I have to take priority when pressure mounts up this end.

I've made this post before checking mod logs, reports, etc which I'm now about to do (please bear that in mind).

I stand by my promises and will continue to do so -- I firmly believe this forum is better than when I took it over (significantly in fact) and it will be the best it's ever been in time. Please guys, PM me with SPECIFIC issues you have rather than posting negative ramblings that doesn't help anyone and just serves to create a vacuum of negativity.

I'll be logging on at least three times a week over the next 6-8 weeks and will answer all Pm's within 24 hours -- Finally, a big thank you to all the mods and High' for covering for me since I've been inactive, I appreciate your hard work and support and it never goes un-noticed!!

SUPPORT #manchesterdogshome !!!

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