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  1. Funny how Ron went on to list the things that helped make that album the piece of crap that it is. The only reason he's calling it a "masterpiece" is because he was on it. It is awful. I also find it is stupid how a few on here attack Slash when defending CD. Had Slash released something this pathetic under the GNR name, it would have also been criticized. Some people here are obviously not Guns N' Roses fans.
  2. 11/25/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    James Munky doesn't age.
  3. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    This thread is hilarious. It turned from a Robin Finck thread to a GNR sucks and is insignificant compared to NIN thread. I wonder if AC/DC fans or Metallica fans post such nonsense. You will never see Metallica fans ever say shit like " Korn is bigger than Metallica".
  4. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    LOL Axl as a rock star and GNR in general takes a shit on anything having to do with NIN times a 1000. Nobody gives a fuck about NiN. 100 yrs from now GNR will still be heard, NIN will be forgotten.
  5. Rocket Queen sucks without Steven Adler. Put in a good sounding Axl, Steven Adler, and take away the stupid unnecessary long solo, and the song would kick ass. Nu GNR version sucks as well. Speaking of NU GNr, did you guys listen to Buckethead's interview? The guy spoke for the first time ever. He is weird, but seems like a good guy. It is on youtube if you haven't heard it.
  6. And none of those handful of people will go buy the album. CD is one of the worst albums released in the last 20 years.
  7. Very unfortunate that it took over 20 yrs for these 2 to talk to each other and work things out. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had Axl allowed Slash into his home when Slash went to visit him years ago. They might have worked things out then and we would have gotten a proper reunion with better Axl vocals. Who knows? We might have gotten Izzy in the reunion as well. Axl was just too stubborn. They wasted over 2 decades of potentially great tunes over stupid shit.
  8. Exactly. I find it silly that some people here, who experienced that debacle of a tour, are now trying to rewrite history in order to fool the young fans into thinking it was a great period. The tour was a disgrace. The Philly riots gave promotion the green light to end it. Had the Philly show gone on without a riot, the tour would have probably gone on for 2 more shows at best. It was going to end, the ticket sales were atrocious. They were the laughing stock in music at the time. And the media,as well as rock fans, let them know it. I remember after the cancellation of tour, the band had been declared dead. I remember the MTV report. The VMA performance killed any chance of good ticket sales for the 2002 tour. The same way MySpace killed any chance for Chinese Democracy to have decent initial sales.
  9. It is true. I heard the show the following day after the concert. To be honest, I also expected Howard to say something nice, but that wasn't the case. Howard saw Axl as a big douche at that point, and he always blamed Axl for the GNR break up. He never hesitated to bash Axl whenever Slash visited the studio. Slash to his credit, never took the bait.
  10. The promoters had already decided early on that the plug would be pulled after MSG. Axl had no say on that matter. I do remember that soon after the MSG show, the press reported that Axl was devastated by Howard Stern's reaction towards the show. The word is that Axl couldn't wait to hear what Howard had to say about the show, as he was expecting positive comments from Howard, what he got instead was Howard bashing the hell out of the show. Particularly on how ridiculous Axl and his band looked.
  11. That is what was so unfortunate. They were responsible for that mess. It doesn't matter since I did not consider that band to be GNR This is how I see it: Great GNR= 1987-1990 Good GNR=1991-1993 Shitty GNR= 2016-2017