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  1. I couldn't care less what Slash sounds like on non GNR related insignificant songs like CD material. 99% of the fans just want to hear him play the songs he helped write. Nobody gives a shit how much noodling he does on CD songs. He doesn't care enough to put in the effort. He thinks those songs suck as well. He just wants to keep Axl happy and be paid to fund his divorce.
  2. lol He showed how great he was in that piece of shit of an album Axl put out 10 years ago. Finck is shit.
  3. Anybody who bought/experienced the release of AFD in the 80's should not be buying this shit. This is for the young suckers that do not know any better.
  4. They posted Bohemian Rhapsody, even though they have heard it million times before.
  5. They said they did reactions to WTJ, November Rain, Patience etc, but I do not see it anywhere on their channel.
  6. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA How dare you? Fortus is a covers guitarist and a poser.
  7. +100000000000 Couldn't agree more.
  8. No, it doesn't lol. People forget how much that band was ridiculed. Outright REJECTED from the start. It was a fuckin circus. 3 guitarists playing Slash's parts. So unnecessary and stupid.
  9. LOL. It's getting to that point. The best vocal performances at these shows is by the bassist. Something is seriously wrong with that.
  10. The original 4+ new singer would be great. It would be way better than what we are seeing now
  11. They would be under the GNR name like Axl was for 15 years. They would still sell, and they would play all GNR songs. Who knows? They might even release a new album.
  12. I disagree. 2002 MTV awards > 2018. My God that was atrocious.
  13. He's everything now. I think they would still sell a shitload of tickets if Axl were replaced. With another singer they wouldn't be restricted by Axl on what songs to playt. They would be able to play whatever the hell they wanted and the crowd would love it. Just imagine, no more CD nonsense.
  14. My post was deleted?
  15. Do you think 2001 Rock in Rio Axl could sing like he did in 2009/2010? Age has nothing to do with it, and other rock singers that have lived a coked-up life have been able to sustain it at an older age than Axl. Nope, the age argument is a loser.