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  1. Absolutely meaningless until we hear something from Axl himself or the band's social media officially confirming new music is on the way.
  2. Overall that was pretty good. Really hope we get the Houston 2016 Nightrain performance at some point in another Select though. If Fernando's feeling particularly smart, he could still milk quite a few Selects out of Houston 2016 performances.
  3. Also, as much as people seemed to hate the tempo increases on some of the songs in 2016, I feel like Nightrain and Out Ta Get Me sounded pretty awesome in their slightly faster forms.
  4. Really can't fault the song choices too much this time. OTGM sounded great in 2016.
  5. Forgot how badly Slash just noodled his way through the TIL solo in 2016
  6. This I Love sounded so great during the 2016 tour. It's a shame Axl clearly started to struggle with it in 2017/2018 before dropping it entirely.
  7. Really hoping we get the Houston 2016 performance of Nightrain. That was an absolutely incredible performance.
  8. Ross Halfin has sure photographed absolutely every noteworthy rock band of the last 40 years, hasn't he? Very jealous.
  9. Sorry dude, Team Brazil are too busy wringing as much mileage as possible out of NITL tour clips and Kat's boring photos.
  10. See you in 45 minutes when this song is over. Bold of them to choose a song Axl sounds flat-out fucking horrendous on at every show though. I appreciate the bravery.
  11. Man, Axl's decision to Mickey his way through the Slither choruses is such a baffling decision for a song that should've been an absolute home run for him vocally.
  12. I'm appreciative of the fact we got something other than shitty merch ideas and tour dates out of this band for once, but holy fuck is the mixing in the video abysmal. Also very strange that Axl's clearly too insecure to have any close-up angles in the video.
  13. I get closer to gouging out my eyeballs every time I read the words "GN'R Fam"
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