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  1. Given the fact the location tag on that photo says Singapore, I'm guessing it's an old pre-pandemic photo
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK9UWaFnw87/?igshid=1ryk180bkpfl3 You'd think they'd choose a clip where Axl doesn't sound like absolute shit, but evidently not.
  3. "Once there was this rock n' roll band rollin' on the streets. Time went by and it became a joke."
  4. I don't care about him hitting 'the notes' if he still sounds like a grandma getting strangled.
  5. The Hard School soundcheck was just the carrot on the stick to keep us interested in a band that's totally running out of steam for anything other than touring
  6. I will eat an entire bowl of nice, healthy salad if GNR release a new album or EP this year.
  7. I don't know what Team Brazil aims to achieve by releasing Selects where Axl sounds absolutely fucking terrible.
  8. None of the above. Rework the setlist to feature songs that Axl can sound good singing, maybe actually releases new music so Axl has stuff to sing with his current range, and rework some existing songs for his current voice. And while they're at it, tell Axl there's no shame in tuning down.
  9. I'd get excited if this lineup actually released completely new music, since Axl would hopefully sing in a way that sounds good with what little voice he has left and the other members might actually play with some enthusiasm
  10. Don't singers hear their own voices through their in-ear monitors? Axl absolutely knows what he sounds like
  11. Bold of you to assume TB aren't hovering like vultures waiting to monetise the absolute shit out of the GNR vault when Axl pops his cloggs.
  12. It's actually hilarious how pathetic Axl's clean voice sounds nowadays. Unless he's singing deep notes, he sounds horrific. I don't know what happened between 2002 and now to make Axl's clean voice sound like an old lady gasping for air, but I'd take Axl's 2001/2002 clean voice over modern Axl any day. This tour has thoroughly destroyed the idea that "Axl's voice always gets better as the tour goes on". His voice showed a glimmer of hope in 2016, but has been absolutely toasts since some time in 2017. He's sounded consistently awful for years at this point.
  13. To be honest, AC/DC has been a money machine for years at this point. The difference between AC/DC and GNR is that one of them actually releases music.
  14. Very intrigued by the AFD5 logo usage, even if I think it's meaningless
  15. Fernando's community outreach is the music equivalent of dangling a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey.
  16. The Foo Fighters' hints are also obviously transparently about new music, whereas the GNR social media posts could be any old meaningless bollocks.
  17. I swear this isn't the first time the band's posted a photo of a member with some caption that could vaguely be interpreted as hinting at new material. This means jack shit. In fact, it means less than that.
  18. I saw Axl with AC/DC in 2016 and then with GNR nearly exactly a year later. The difference between Axl's voice between the two shows was night and day. Admittedly, AC/DC songs are far easier for Axl to sing, but good god was it a huge difference.
  19. Absolutely meaningless until we hear something from Axl himself or the band's social media officially confirming new music is on the way.
  20. Overall that was pretty good. Really hope we get the Houston 2016 Nightrain performance at some point in another Select though. If Fernando's feeling particularly smart, he could still milk quite a few Selects out of Houston 2016 performances.
  21. Also, as much as people seemed to hate the tempo increases on some of the songs in 2016, I feel like Nightrain and Out Ta Get Me sounded pretty awesome in their slightly faster forms.
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