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  1. Only a couple people heard the cellphone clips/ evader mix, and given that it's so well done it is easy to get fooled by it
  2. Seems like The General has leaked. Full 7 minutes long, on GNR reddit. What are your opinions on it?
  3. Where could I listen to the re-recorded SCOM from 99?
  4. Thank god the tour is over, plenty of time for Axl to get freaking surgery on his throat.
  5. This comment says all about the quality and standards of 2021 shows.
  6. Indianapolis vocals wise for sure. Baltimore setlist wise.
  7. Pretty tied up and 2010 level vocals tonight
  8. Also if you compare 2018/2019/2020 Axl could still do songs like This I love/ Dead Horse while he dropped those now as they would've been a complete disaster .
  9. It's just that he doesnt ever prepare. That's why he always starts the tour with a shit show and then gets good at the very end. With AC/DC he was 1. very motivated 2. very prepared, had a vocal coach and did a lot of vocal preparation ahead of those legs.
  10. Question is , will Axl ever be able to get back to at least 2017 levels?
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