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  1. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Adler is at whisky tonight
  2. Saw them 7 times last year. I am only gonna go to another show if they add get in the ring to the setlist. Its about effing time.
  3. Open Letters to GN’R from Fans

    In terms of videos.. The difference is that Eddie Vedder sounds amazing in videos and does not require as much editing as GnR needs. Axl sounds pretty awful in the majority of the videos I've seen since 2002. They sound great when you are in the pit though! The ticket issue is pathetic. But look, this tour is basically live nation's biggest priority for the past year. I can tell you Live Nation has invested more marketing dollars into this show than practically any other world tour. They are looking for their ROI and don't honestly give a shit about the hardcore fans that want PIT or really good floor tickets at fair value. They start off tickets at "platinum prices", PIT was starting out at $1000 dollars for this most recent additions and that wasn't even resale tickets. These platinum tickets have already dropped in price to 575 & will probably continue to drop until they find a price level fans are OK with. It sucks but come on, this tour is such a money grab. The fan club is a $45 t-shirt.
  4. has anyone ever gotten a pit ticket from one of these pre-sales? I always seem to have more success with the Citi presale than fan presales