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  1. Happy St Patrick’s Day

    Happy St. Patrick day everybody!!!! In the UK comes with a Rugby game. It can't get any better than that
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So the guy was taking a dump when he got dumped
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Lamb is not a radical when it comes to those issues. He won't vote with Republicans when it comes to abortion. He is against banning assault weapons. But he supports everything else when it comes to gun control. And he is not the only anti Pelosi in the House. Pelosi's leadership has been chanllenged before. Not every single Democrat in the House supports Pelosi. If a new wave of moderate Democrats win seats. Maybe Pelosi's days are numbered. She can be reelected for her district. But she might not be elected Democrats leader again.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well keep in mind that Roy Moore never conceded. It is not mandatory by law. It is just a tradition of showing courtesy despite defeat I'm having laugh with Republicans claming that Lamb won with a Republican agenda Unions, Social Security and Medicare were never part of the Republican agenda. The steel tariffs was the only common issue. Republicans try to win there with the tax cut. And it didn't work because those guys in Western PA know the tax cuts is mostly meaningless to them
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    National student walkouts https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/14/us/student-walkouts-latest/index.html
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well I believe when I see it. Keep in mind the Dewey defeats Truman fiasco
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    They are still counting absentee ballots. Republicans haven't lost anything yet. However even if Republicans win it will be a pirrick victory
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well it is true that Trump broke the news on twitter. But it is possible that Tillerson found out because someone told him. The thing is Tillerson was returning to the U.S. from Africa. I don't know how and when Tillerson found out. Anyway in other news the race in Pennsylvania is pretty much a tie. Whoever wins is going to be by like 20 votes or something. Is this the patron for November?
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Tillerson YOU ARE FIRED!!! https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/13/politics/trump-tillerson-latest/index.html Trump said they disagree on some issues like Iran. But didn't Tillerson know that? Trump always said he was against the agreement with Iran. But I think the big issue here is North Korea
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The Bernie Sanders nutters should form their own party. After all Bernie never was a Democrat to beging with. He run as Independent in Vermont. Pennsylvania shows that Democrats can choose both and be competitive. Even if Democrats lose today by 5 points or a bit more. It doesn't matter that much. In Novermeber that district is up for grabs again because of the new map drawing. It won't be just one district. It's going to 3 or 4 in that same area.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Yeah but before 2020 there is 2018. If Democrats want to win back the House they have to campaign everywhere. And embrace the white working class in rural areas. They need different a message for different places. They can be die hard liberal in California. But they have to be very moderate in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio or Texas. I don't know how they can square the circle
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    About the election tomorrow in PA. It seems the Unions are back, at least in rural areas. Should Democrats embrace Unions and traditional white working class again? I think they should https://twitter.com/PaAFL_CIO
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I don't care about what liberals or conservatives say. I think this is another publicity stunt. Trump is going to NR to bang some exotic Asian.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I agree it is not any priority issue. But it is expossing Republicans and religious leaders hypocricy.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    According to Axl you are right. Apple is just a greedy cunt! http://www.nme.com/news/music/axl-rose-apple-tim-cook-donald-trump-2256983