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  1. GNR is not a normal band! Never was! Fixed it for ya!
  2. See. All what you wrote seems accurate and great, but your're relying in a "perfect world" scenario. Maybe Axl thinks the songs are not that good. Metallica released a ton of records and none were even near the Black Album or the records before. The songs released for the Slash's Snakepit albums were great, but if they were to be released under the GNR moniker everybody would say it was shite! Maybe he thinks nothing will ever surpass the AFD quality with every song on the record being a potential single. Maybe he thinks nothing will be so grandiose than UYI 1 & 2. Maybe he thinks nothing will be so versatile and produced like ChiDem. And then, people will always complain... The third thing is: why release a new record if people just want to listen to WTJ or SCOM? Why bring Adler or Izzy if they packed stadiums for the entire tour? Why? Why? Why?
  3. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    I really would love to hear that!
  4. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Rocket Queen from Apollo Double Talkin' Jive from Winnipeg Welcome to the Jungle from Firenzi Rocks
  5. They only released FOUR records! FOUR records! What did you expect? You know what you get with this band, since day one! You keep asking for it and Santa Clauss is never there with your present! Let go already, move forward!
  6. Like I have said before: People are never happy. We used to have nothing, but we got: The Coachella appearance - NOT HAPPY! The Troubadour / The Las Vegas / Mexico Concerts - NOT HAPPY! NITLT Tour - NOT HAPPY! A second run of the NITLT Tour - NOT HAPPY! Three hour gigs - NOT HAPPY! Entire tour without a glitch - NOT HAPPY! Axl singing his ass off - NOT HAPPY WITH MICKEY! Coma - NOT HAPPY! Don't Cry - NOT HAPPY! Witchita Lineman - NOT HAPPY! Black Hole Sun - NOT HAPPY! Slither - NOT HAPPY! AFD Box Set - NOT HAPPY! The Plague - NOT HAPPY! New Work Tune - NOT HAPPY! Shadow of Your Love + Lyric Video - NOT HAPPY! Move To The City (Acoustic) + Lyric Video - NOT HAPPY! Playing with the Foo Fighters - NOT HAPPY! Playing with AC/DC - NOT HAPPY! Playing with P!nk - NOT HAPPY! Playing with Rose Tattoo - NOT HAPPY! Videos and social media coverage of all the shows - NOT HAPPY! Every band member happy - NOT HAPPY! A decent MGMT Team - NOT HAPPY! Slash doing SFMK - NOT HAPPY! Duff doing a solo record - NOT HAPPY! Adler joinning in for a couple of shows - NOT HAPPY! Possible release of a Live NITLT record - NOT HAPPY! Possible release of Children of teh Revolution acoustic cover for the T-Rex thing - NOT HAPPY! Can you hear how lame you guys that keep complaining really sound? This is GNR since day one, didn't you get that already? And then you join all of them together and you still don't get half of AFD. So what's your point?
  7. For fuck's sake! I'm here think what should be morally right or wrong! hahahaha
  8. A Greatest Hits like that would be cool! But a Live album would please hardcore fans (been there, done that), what about a new fan base?
  9. But why release a live album? It doesn't add up to anything, we already have Live Era, the Greatest Hit, and the Appetitte For Democracy thing. To me, a live album would dilute the catalog of the band, see Ozzy and Iron Maiden, for example, they have so much Live Albuns and Greatest Hits, and it is all the same and confusing. To me, best of both worlds would be to capitalize on rarities: 1. B-Sides and real deep cuts remixed such as: Crash Diet, Too Much To Soon, Just Another Sunday, Bring it Back Home, Sentimental Movie, Cornshucker, the first mix of the UYI albuns (Slash's Version) 2. The fucking 90's vault! Release it on audio format and video, since they have all the UYI Tour filmed (Like Metallica and Pearl Jam did). 3. Enough with the covers, but Whichitta is a good call. 4. What about the ChiDem Remix Album? We are celebrating 10 years from its release anyway. 5. What about the ChiDem leftovers? 6. What about to get some of the old Slash's (solo stuff) + the best Velvet Revolver + the best Duff stuff and to recreat a GNRish Frankestein? 7. A live album? Only if it was something very spencial, not a compilation, but something like the Apollo concert. They were fantastic and jamming all around that night. 8. What about to gather everybody for just one song? Anyway, I'm happy the way it is right now. Even if we never hear any new cuts from them. The tour was great, I saw them 3 times in Brazil, the voice thing I prefer to think is just a mix thing. I saw the Rock In Rio concert live (his voice was awesome) and rewatched on TV (his voice seamed awful).
  10. Dave Grohl: I want to play drums with AC/DC

    I know, but it would be a hell of a band, but maybe John Paul Jones.
  11. Dave Grohl: I want to play drums with AC/DC

    That would be a hell of a super group! Axl on vocals, Grohl on drums, Angus on guitar, maybe R. Waters on bass. Could you imagine that?
  12. And they are probably friends or in a friendly zone since then.
  13. There we go! http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/chris-slade-on-axl-rose-fronting-ac-dc-its-the-best-ive-ever-heard-the-band/ Asked about the rumors that AC/DC is recording a new album with both Johnson and Rudd back in the lineup, Slade said: "If it works, good luck. It's great. And why not? There's all sorts of rumors; Axl's going to be doing a track, Brian's going to be doing a track; there's so many variables here. And I've learned with AC/DC also not to believe the rumors, because even fans fake things; things just get faked. But Angus is now over 60, I think, so he's still got a few years to go, if you go by me and Brian. That's all he does; he relaxes by painting, and he smokes fags, and that's about it, so the rest of the time, he's playing guitar."
  14. The 80s? People still think like that in many small towns around the world.
  15. No point to make, dude. Chill out, I was just complementing your info.