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  1. Tell me how COVID is preventing any artist to release any music? THEY DON"T HAVE NEW MUSIC
  2. I think this cat / mouse game is getting old! They say it to keep people interested even though we know nothing is comming but a NITL compilation on YouTube and a Kid's illustration book (not that they are bad, but since nothing is done right with this band it would tarnish even further the band's reputation). Soon people will grow tired of this "we believe", "in six months", "maybe", "soon". To me it was better for them to keep it shut and quiet untill they actually release something than to keep teasing fans for years! It doesn't bother me that theu actually don't release anything new, I live my life not around GNR (I love them, but). What bugs me is that they keep playing these childish games, this teasing, Susan teasing, Fortus teasing, Fernando teasing FOR YEAAAAAAAAAAARS! DECADES NOW!
  3. Right! And the setlist has been pretty much the same for 4 years...
  4. What are considered the best shows of the Reunion?

    Apollo Theater 2017 Winnipeg 2017 São Paulo Trip 2017
  5. Rock didn't went downhill after 91, but the generation that used to listen to it changed! If you listen to it closely Rock is just stagnant, that's what really happend, it never changed, but their audience did.
  6. Albums may not male millions of dollars, but tours do! The NITL tour can last a year max, people are hearing the same setlist for 4 years! With no new music there's not this band can do anymore.
  7. WHAT? How the heck! Paul Tobias? The same one that broke up the band with Simphaty to the Devil? in which songs?
  8. Track 12 is clearly Hardschool, but don't you think it is strange for Slash to agree to play a Paul Tobias song? I call it fake! Also, I did work for Rock In Rio, anyone can put their hands on a setlist. I do have 7 of all their concerts that I went to.
  9. This is such a bullshit power trip, like: "Oh, I'm an insider, I know the name of the songs, but let me blur it out so I'm the only one to know that". This guy is as doucher as Bruce Dickinson! Please Corona, do your job! Take him! Also: Slash agreeing to play on a Paul Tobias song? FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!
  10. Oh no you better don't!!! You... you... you Bruce lover
  11. I just hate the guy! He's a great singer, but his voice annoys the hell out of me nowadays!
  12. Bruce is a douche and he sings as if he's taking a shit and putting too much effort on it! "I'm taking a shit, the shit won't come out, let me push it as hard as I can, dios mio!" - That's Bruce Dick-inson. And let me tell you, I don't know how or why, but I saw Iron Maiden live 7 times and there was not enough shit in the world! Ok, I'm calm now.
  13. In the midst of a Coronavírus outbreak? With the entire world not giving a damn about anything than being safe against getting sick? Sure... It would be just the stupidiest move...
  14. Depends on what you call "new music". Is Hard School, Atlas Shrugged, Perhaps, Quick Song and all the other leaks new music? Even "The General" is not "new music", people are so tired of hearing the name and created so much hype around it that I'm sure it will be "great", but disappointing. So, no. No new music in my opinion, but they will release those above sometime.