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  1. And then I bet U$ 1 million that when they do release new music people will continue to complain, let me guess: Where's the rasp? It's not as good as AFD Izzy just plays in one song Steven just plays in one song Where's Ashaba? I think Pittman sounded better than Melissa Too Pop Too Rock Too many ballads Not enough ballads Where's "The General"? I wish it could have that ChiDem feel It's overproduced This song was a Velvet Revolver leftover I want the Finck/BucketHead era reunion The name of the album sucks The pictures in the especial edition CD booklet suck It's a double album, it sucks It's a single algum, it sucks We want a UYI Boxset now! It is hard to be a GNR fan, it is harder to be a GNR fan on this forum with so many complaints!
  2. They already did and you didn't even notice, right? They presented most of the riffs in some intros to songs.
  3. Then I rest my case. Damn you, Argentines. LOL
  4. Dude, I didn't say you say so. I'm talking about another guy posting here. Get off my back.
  5. You are saying the exact same thing as I am, Dumbo! We are the same continent, but divided and Central America is not a part of North America. Three complete different things? HOW? First of all we speak completely different languages. Second, we don't share the same culture nor the same cultural background. Third, we are not even colonizes by the same purposes. Central and South America are part of the American continent, in spite of the United States wishing we wouldn't exist at all. That's what I'm saying.
  6. Oh my! Tell that to Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Ike Turner, Bo Diddley, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Fats Dominos. For real? Do you think Bon Jovi created Rock N' Roll?
  7. WTF? Since when Wikipedia is a reliable source? WOW people!!! This is just wrong! Where did you get that CA is not a thing anymore? HAHAHAH So, if CA is part of NA Mexicans don't need a Visa to get into the US, right? This is just the stupidest thing I have ever read in my life!
  8. WTF? So you're also saying South America is part of North America? WOW! The Americas are three complete different things just to let you know, there's North America, Central America and South America, and both the latter DO NOT belong do North America. WOW! 2X
  9. UYI box>AFD box

    And just to let you know, 90% of the comments on this board/forum is negative, vicious shit from people that started to like the band from 2002 and on. Those are REAL fans that seem to know A LOT!
  10. UYI box>AFD box

    Thanks for correcting me, dude! If that's what it takes to validate yourself, so be it! Althought English is not my second or third, or forth language. Why are you so bothered with my comments/opinions? I am, indeed, complaining about all the imature, spoiled GNR fans, like YOU! The band is great, they sound better than ever, I'm happy with what I got. Wish I had more? HELL YES! But that's life. Unfortunately I don't work for the band (or do I?), but since I'm a ~Brazilian~, let's get out of the forum and head out to the beach!
  11. Bad ass pic from 2006

    those shoes
  12. UYI box>AFD box

    I get your point, but the band does not own anything to us. We bought a copy of their work, that's it, done, we chose to follow them. Should have, could have. I think your suggestion is great. But this is not a rental business, you buy their work, you buy tickets to their concerts, you follow them, if you want to. That does not turn you or anyone else the owner of the band or it does not give us the right to tell them what to do. This band is like this since the get go. Or do you really think LIES is a brand new one record (there was only 3 new songs in there - Patience, One in a Million and Used to Love Her). There's tons of unreleased material on Youtube: Crash Diet, Bring Back Home, Sentimental Movie, Too Much Too Soon, Going Down, Blood in The Water, Cornshucker, Sailing, Under My Wheels, Magic Carpet Ride, American Band, Silkworms, Oh My God, just to name a few. There's also tons of footage on Youtube, there's even the lost I Don't Care About you video. Once again COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS. THE BAND DOESN'T OWN US ANYTHING, WE CHOSE TO FOLLOW THEM.
  13. UYI box>AFD box

    And then people here gets pissed off about TEAM BRAZIL saying there's too many complaints. The AFD box set is not even three months old and people are alreay complaining about the sound, or even already saying how a supposed UYI box set should be. Are you people never happy with nothing? First was Slash not in the band, now is Izzy not in the band, then I hear people complaining about Ashba not being in the band, and then they complain because the new mix is this or that, or because there's no One in a Million in it, they complain about the price, the setlist, even about Axl not having a mustache anymore. The rasp, no rasp, fat, not fat. COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS, COMPLAINTS. Enjoy what we have because we have more than a lot of bands out there! Van Halen is doing shit, Motley Crue - end, Metallica - one bad record after the other, Iron Mainden - zzzzzz, Ozzy Osbourne gives a 45 to 60 minutes performance, Skid Row - LAME... Enjoy it for God's sake!
  14. To me is the latter. Or do you really think that after 20 years in WW3 with Axl, and now that he's back in the band, he would say that GNR was wrong while dealing with the Izzy situation. Izzy wants the money, but he sold the partneship to Axl, so did Adler. They are not equal within the GNR Corp. Izzy was offered 50 grand per show, but since there were only 3 shows booked in the beggining (Coachella, 2 Mexico dates), he tought no way. Well, imagine how he fells right now having lost 50k times I don't know, 200 hundred shows?
  15. Maybe GNR is trying to do that since they have the entire UYI tour and the NITLT tour on pro-shot.