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  1. This is such a great work! But since WTTJ was played 921 times, can I assume it was played in every single GNR concert? And if that's the case, GNR is 79 shows away in order to complete 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) live performances? WOW! Just WOW!!!
  2. They could mix SIDHY with Witchita Linemen. I'm sorry, but they'll never play OIAM again, ever!
  3. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Locomotive and its cover version!
  4. The same as it is! When are people going to understand that Axl chooses to sing like that (minimum rasp) in order to endure a 3 hour daily set? Did you watch the AC/DC shows on YouTube? All 1h30 and Axl sings with a full on rasp! So, aswering your question: on the record he will sound as good as old Axl, maybe mixing both styles as he did on ChiDem just not to sound too different live.
  5. I agree with you 100%! But then again, this is Axl's band, it was never a functional band to begin with, they always did things differently from other bands, but the real thing is: it is not up to us to accept that! What are we gonna do? There are still a lot of fans that will buy it, so you lose some, you gain some. Those are 20 year old songs to Axl and Dizzy, but for Slash and Duff and the fans they might be "new" ones. To me, I lost interest already, being hearing them nonstop I'm already like "ok, next..." But then again: I listen to Locomotive. Coma, Rocket Queen for almost 30 years and I never get tired. I don't know why's that, maybe the whole process thin sound of all ChiDem song feels dated, but hell, even the locomotive demo feels better, punchier and heavier than all the official and non-official ChiDem leaks.
  6. I'm sorry if my opinion goes against everyone's in here, but I think the band is right. Imagine you have a business, and you sell something, but then you're not completely happy with the outcome of your product, so you stop selling it until you feel it is right. Then you stop selling it for 10 years, someone keeps asking for the product for themselves, they are not happy about it, and then they "find" some of the product that was not supposed to be sold in a storage. OK. But now they sell the thing and also BRAG about it. The thing that nobody understand is: why bother to release something else? We already have a full CD of "new" songs with vocals, and a double CD of instrumentals, b-sides, rarities, alt.versions and so on. The 19 CDs feature more music than the band have released in 20 years! So why bother. Yes, I think the leakers and everybody else that downloaded the leaks tarnished the whole thing. By the time (and if) they release Hardschool, Perhaps, Atlas, As It Begin properly they will feel as old as the 2006 Better! It is a shame because it is getting really confusing: we have like 3 to 4 versions of each song, I don't think we as fans can tell them apart anymore.
  7. Exactly! People here tend to forget that the UYI records and also the TSI record were also recorded during the first leg of the '91 Get In The Ring Tour.
  8. The cross is not blacked, it is just an illusion (no pun intended), with time tattoos tend to lose their tones and colors and many colors start to blend, it's not blacked, it is just a 33 old tattoo.
  9. I think is simpler than that: Axl was hurt, Slash was hurt and that happens in any kind of relationships (friends, lovers, work, family)! Sometimes we take hours to forgive someone and sometimes not even ten years are enough. I really think "Street of Dreams" was a song that has that Slash vibe all along.
  10. I thought "Locomotive" was awesome! Biting my tongue over here. With that song on the setlist maybe I'll see them live again at Lollapalooza 2020. (only two days away until they confirm the band on the Argetina, Chile and Brazil version of the festival in 2020 \0/)
  11. Unfortunately, I have to agree. No expectations is the best thing with the band, when and if it comes out, great! 'Till then we have plenty of new songs from teh ChiDem sessions, but I bet my pinky that they will release all the songs that were leaked as the new GNR record.
  12. I feel so lost with so many leaks and "leaks". Didn't hear none of the ones that were already released on ChiDem. But most of the "new" ones are great, didn't like any of the "new new" instrumentals, as for "As It Begins", but then again, there are so many versions of the same songs that I feel kind of lost.
  13. Yeap! So I got blocked! But why? LOL Never even posted anything over there.