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  1. Yes! Have you seen them live during the tour? I saw them in 92 (nightrain), 2001 (jungle), 2010 (jungle), 2011 (jungle), 2014 (jungle), 2016 (ISE), 2017 (ISE). It's so easy first makes it double the fun, because everybody screams twice, at the top of our lungs, during ISE, WTTJ. I think Jungle first is a major buzz killer (everybody's waitng for that song).
  2. Technically it was Matt Sorum and Josh Freese, groovingly it was Steven Adler and Frank.
  3. It was between 96 and 98. He had a short hair back then. In 99 he started to grow his hair back again.
  4. The way I see it, the 2016 Troubadour show was the same as the 1991 Ritz shows. Just a final/live/public rehearsal. ^This.
  5. That's just plain stupidity. The guy running 4C4 Media doesn't know how to run a business. So a multi-million major band screws up, then goes back to the guy asking for help and the guy has the chance to profit and ask to any kind of money that he wants to, and to have his and his company's name together with the most profitable tour of the century... but no, know is his time for revenge! Also knowing that the band is probably recording every concert on tour... sure, he got his revenge out alright! LAME
  6. Fly GNAIR

    ^ This Oh! I forgot about the Mr. BrownieStones LOL
  7. Fly GNAIR

    Oh come on! Give the guy a break.
  8. Fly GNAIR

    Maybe it could be a plane for the fans, with tons of GNR goodies, such as AFD Skull cross cookies, Nightrain wine (just for a taste), all flight attendants dressed as Axl (my choice would be Ritz '88 Axl) and so on...
  9. I heard the "This I Love" (Remix) and the 2001 House of Blues concert were leaked. What else has leaked?
  10. For real? You're soooo living in the past. It's a shame you're not following what has happened for the last 2 years, I mean, a tour without a glitch in the sense of the band being on time (not mostly but in EVERY single performance) and also performing a stellar 3 n' a half hour concert. I guess that's not enough, right?
  11. I agree and I think Madagascar would sound great too.
  12. Oh, so it's a current member! Didn't know that! Let's just wait and see then.
  13. I love Steven Adler, but I think it's always depressing, there's always some complaint, or something missing, or someone that did not fullfiled someone's dream. Doesn't matter, Axl doesn't want to be associated with the name.
  14. But since Axl doesn't get along with Niven, he wouldn't participate or allow Slash, Duff, Fortus, Frank, Dizzy or Mellissa to talk on behalf of GNR in an interview co-hosted by Niven.