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  1. Both of the takes without Axl are wonderful. The set up and mixing for the live band just in the groove could have made for a great live record or at least AOL Sessions.
  2. You know what, fuck it, I played this in the car full blast and it was actually pretty cool. Probably could have done decently in the club scene in 1999/2000. Each delivery of the verse/chorus/only lyrics are different so it isn't a copy/paste job, but I'm sure it isn't finished, either.
  3. What a thing to wake up to lmao Tbh, musically and the chorus melody is pretty good. Take out the Mack Daddy thing (which wasn't even a cool phrase by 1999-2000) and have lyrics for all the verses/chorus instead of the same line over and over and it could be a solid bootleg NIN song.
  4. That's because they are. Those are scratch vocals as it's a real demo, unlike the other songs we've heard that were mostly completed songs with multi layered vocals and multiple takes pieced together for a final product. This is a single take, with flubs and missed lines. No other track on CD, released or unreleased that we've heard, has single take vocals and all the songs are a mix of multiple takes glued together (much like a lot of the guitar parts).
  5. This sounds nothing like Atlas, any part of Atlas, either in the chords being played or the melody being played. It does sound somewhat like a more fleshed out As It Began, though.
  6. The idea that Axl really did spend his time making piano tracks with whale/dolphin sounds is hilarious to the point of satire
  7. The drums section in 3$P/Better in what is now the intro for the live version is fucking killer and one of the most bad ass things I've heard in a Guns track from any era. Sounds like APC/Tool or something. Absolutely should have kept that pattern. I'm really surprised at how Better is essentially complete minus the added bit from Richard and extending a few bars here and there for solos. For some reason I assumed it was a later song that got worked together, not that there are literally parts from the demo in 2000 that are still in the final released mix
  8. This is excellent. Can not believe someone told Axl this wasn't good enough. This is actually exactly what I thought NuGuns/Axl solo stuff would sound like.
  9. You don't have to imagine, he actually did that on the 2002 live versions of The Blues.
  10. Reminds me a lot of Bring It Back Home (which I think should have been used on UYI, and they should go back to it for whatever they put out on an upcoming UYI box set/ep/lp). Could def be a baller song with a real vocal take (and presumably the three voices of Axl layered together). Could definitely hear Slash play some dope stuff over this (mostly the keyboard riff just on guitar would be enough, really). But considering no one had heard of this song until this situation and no one (Axl, any band members, Rolling Stone) ever mentioned it, it probably got dropped completely.
  11. I can't tell a difference between the first leaked and the drums up versions beyond the first version is (very, very) slightly louder
  12. Is this the actual drums up version or the fanmade one from a few days ago
  13. Lol if they thought he was fat in 2010, he's significantly more husky over the past 3 years than he was as "fat Axl".
  14. Last Summer's festival circuit got promoted by promoters (not the band themselves) as having "2 new songs" which turned out to be Shadow and Slither I would imagine anything "new" or more accurately "different" for the set list would be a new cover (maybe another VR song) and one or two UYI deep cuts. I see literally zero chance of them playing unreleased material from any time period in the next 2 months of shows.
  15. How could you possibly have thought that was a good or useful idea lmao