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  1. I see they dropped Black Hole Sun, but they play You Know My Name over the PA after the show. I'd actually like to hear them play that themselves a lot more than I ever would have wanted to hear a GNR Black Hole Sun. Perhaps another Bond cover is a little much but I think it'd fit all of Axl's voices very well, and seems like the kind of song Slash and Fortus would really enjoy.
  2. Man, if he really damaged his voice for good, 2016 was worth it, imo. The AC/DC shows and the reunion brought him back to a level of respect and stature he hadn't had in 25 years, regained the throne of best front man, played to gigantic crowds all over the world, made tons of money. He rose to the occasion when no one thought he could and absolutely killed it. He probably was never going to be able to top 2016 even if he got in shape and did warm ups and shit. Dude deserves to coast if he wants to, and if he can't do it anymore, he went out with a hell of a bang.
  3. "Mickey" popped up a lot more in 2006-2007 than anyone seems to want to admit for whatever reason.
  4. It sounds more like the affected voice he uses pretty much only for Chinese, a way to do raspy sounding vocals without pushing his voice at all to do so.
  5. Preferred Democracy

    Yeah I'd say the 2002 version but I also really liked Ron and his contributions and have zero issue with Frank. Despite that, all versions of the Chinese era band had interesting recordings and performances.
  6. All the consternation and AXL IS DONE FOR REAL THIS TIME lol Same as every "tour" of the first show or two being rough and then settling into fine to good with flashes of great.
  7. Slash has spoken a few times now about playing Chinese material, but has Axl had any comments about Slash playing any of it?
  8. I believe he had throat nodules in 1991, which contributed to his gargling glass rasp sound for that leg of the tour. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he had them cut out before the 1992 leg, and you can hear a pretty significant difference in his voice, rasp and clean.
  9. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Should be free. If people want to complain about Axl constantly, I can't even imagine the ripped off feeling you'd have listening to Gene and Paul trying to sing anytime in...oh, the past 15 years or so. Anything above a $15-20 lawn seat for KISS in 2018 is literally theft.
  10. I think he sounds better on Better during NITL than he did all of 2011-2014 outside of that one off where Robin came on stage to play it.
  11. No, it's Ron doing his own version while taking Brian's as a loose guide.
  12. Having listened to the whole album, I'm pretty bummed that the singles I didn't much care for were actually the best songs on the record. There are flashes of neat riffs or licks, but Myles' lyrics and melodies are tired as can be, to the point where he's blatantly just repeating himself. Over half the songs on the album have melodies and parts straight from previous SMKC songs. Since there's more effort to have big solos, it's a real shame that Slash just doubled whatever boring melody Myles brought, added some noodling between phrases, and called it a day. This is what I had feared: A record put out just to keep putting out records without much time or thought put into anything, basically an album version of autopilot from these guys.
  13. I agree, I saw them in late 2011 and it was a great show. The bootlegs back my memory up.