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  1. They were. But they were lame and uncool before they even broke up and I'm pretty sure had they stuck together they'd have been doing local rock station 80s nostalgia shows with Skid Row and Poison or some shit in 2003.
  2. For the topic at hand: Band would have fizzled out like it was doing before they split up, probably would be doing state fairs and race day concerts like Poison/Foreigner/Boston type contemporaries.
  3. I heard Your Song on the radio this morning and got to thinking about how great of a cover that could have been in 1993 in the vein of Dust In The Wind.
  4. The truth, and the end.

    Thread really should have been titled "The truth, and here's the worst yet" for maximum dramatic flare.
  5. Ticket prices still being crazy high and hitting the same markets back to back. No idea why they hit most of the same areas on the arena tour as they already hit on the stadium leg, 6-12 months apart. For mostly the same prices. You'd think the arena tour would have been in markets they didn't get to the first time around.
  6. The truth, and the end.

    Lol gnr fans are so dramatic. Almost everything that was taken down last year besides fan made videos are still easily found on YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  7. I wouldn't even say they're buried. His obviously autotuned vocals are very audible. I guess some oohs and ahhs are kind of buried.
  8. Leeds 2002 is pretty weird, Axl is flat literally the entire show, but in a good mood and has more interaction with Bucket than I've seen on any other show, and besides Robin butchering the solo in SOD, the band is on fire with some of the best takes on the classics from both Bucket and Robin. Vocally it might be the worst of the 2002 tour and it's not like...he can't hit notes, or doesn't have power, he's just flat on every song. He also changes some melodies or adds some stuff I've literally never heard on any other show, which makes it more of a bummer that he's completely flat all show. There was a discussion about a weird video of soldiers killing people and general war imagery, well, that plays during WTTJ at this show if you want to look it up. It is pretty odd. I assume it's the same video that was talked about unless there were multiple "uncomfortable war videos playing in an unrelated song at the start of a show" videos from around this time.
  9. It's really baffling Anything Goes made it to AFD over Shadow of Your Love, Reckless Life, or any of the rockers that were held over for UYI. More baffling now than ever, really.
  10. Bucket's take on Estranged could have been magical
  11. Slash's best solos?

    Pretty sure that's the solos to Living On The Edge and Jeremy mashed together breh
  12. Doing things with artists from other genres or even doing things just for money is not selling out unless you're breaking your principles to do it. I'm not sure why Slash doing things with MJ, Rhianna, or Fergie is selling out.
  13. Tommy looked to be an absolute mess on stage after 2011, although I don't really recall him fucking up, he just looked very unhealthy during those last couple of years.
  14. The editing of that version is so fucking terrible I can't believe it ever got released. Along with Axl sounding like an impersonator trapped in a cave somewhere.