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  1. Weird that a guy who resolved the biggest conflict of his life and is now more successful than ever and a mature adult is calm and happy
  2. Everyone also seems to ignore that he moves around CONSTANTLY on stage, still runs (well, jogs) while singing, goes up and down stairs, dances, spins around, and is rarely ever stationary for more than a few seconds for the entire set in his mid 50s. When he's still or seated, he has little problem singing anything, but no one wants Axl Rose standing still in the center of the stage for 3 hours. The voice is going to have to take a hit for over all performance otherwise people would complain about that too.
  3. I like the phrasing and melody of the vocals better on the remix, I can agree the vocals as they are probably wouldn't fit particularly well with the album track but whatever. I'd like to hear the vocal track to the remix over the album version anyway.
  4. Lol. Axl without Slash was still doing arenas. Slash without Axl was doing clubs. Together they're doing stadiums. This is silly shit.
  5. I'm not buying tickets so his voice at a live show has no impact on me other than I might get to hear a cool bootleg. People are paying absurd money to see GNR with Axl and Slash in 2016-2018, and reviews from people that went to the shows have been overwhelmingly positive across social media this whole time. Maybe every person that had a good time or posted Axl sounded good is a Russian spam bot or something. They've been touring for 2 years now, people have had more than enough time to see or hear about what they sound like and people are still filling the place up even when they've come back for a second round. Most people going to the shows either think he sounds good or don't care that he doesn't because they're having a good time hearing their favorite songs with 10s of thousands of other people also having a good time. Just like no one is forcing people to pay those tickets to see a show they don't want to see, no one is forcing people to watch bootlegs and get mad over how they sound. If you don't like how it sounds, why are you torturing yourself listening to vids of your favorite band sounding like shit to you? Couldn't you just like...listen to performances you actually like? If he sounds as bad as you think he sounds, people will stop paying and the shows will dry up. Until then, they have an overwhelmingly positive response even on shows where he might have trouble with songs.
  6. No one is forcing anyone to buy tickets and nearly all reviews from shows that aren't GNR message boards talk about how great he sounded that given night They've been selling out stadiums all around the world for 2 years, even coming back and hitting the same areas for a second time and people are happy to pay those prices and happy to hear Axl sing the hits.
  7. Expecting a dude to push his voice to the point of shredding his vocal chords in the midst of literally one of the most profitable music tours of all time just so you can hear 30 year old songs closer to what you remember as a kid is pretty silly shit
  8. Lol Slash + MKC plays GNR songs even faster most of the time than what current GNR is playing them
  9. Funny how every year there are endless threads about how bad Axl's voice is, then a year or two later everything is "he was actually pretty good after all that year", for 18 years now. Lol I'm also convinced more than ever that the voice change was and still is an intentional choice, as you can hear on Live Era vocals very, very similar to how he would be singing live in 2001-2002, 2011-on but with a bit more timber to it due to being in a studio setting and not running around and dancing and shit on stage. And also being able to do single lines and multiple takes and piecing things together instead of one single continuous song needed to regulate his breathing, etc. It's probably what his voice would have always sounded like that high if he wasn't forcing rasp in the 80s and 90s.
  10. Interesting, Robin plays the chunky funky bit in the hook of OMG, sounds pretty much exactly the same on the new OMG leak.
  11. Man the vocal track for this is nuts. Would love to have it on the released CD track.
  12. The Blues mix is cooler for sure, a lot of little extra fills and stuff that sounds better to me too. Wish the drum roll had been kept in on a studio version.
  13. Did Steven play on SOYL or not is probably a worse discussion than Axl's voice of if X song written by Y or Z band member is a cover when played today and it's only been like...a month
  14. He's doing backing vocals for the chorus, but because his mic is the lead mic it's higher than everyone else's and stands out more. If it were a studio track with proper studio mixing his harmonies in the chorus would make more sense.
  15. Not very different at all. There's some change to the hook and added overdubbed solos. Otherwise it sounds the same.