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  1. I somehow had a copy of If The World's antiquiet leak on an old flash drive and didn't realize the AQ leaks were like...that different from the final album versions. I thought they were just slight mixing differences, but ITW is, I'd say substantially different considering the lead instrument is a synth for much of the song, and most of the solos/fills are different. Were the rest of the leaks that different from the finished product?
  2. I'd say it's the single most consistent song he's sang since 2001. In all eras since then, he sounds exactly the same on it, probably because it's a lower register and the raspy part of the chorus is affected in a way he really don't use on any other song that doesn't sound quite right but also doesn't seem to put any stress on his voice either. I think the only other song I've heard him use that particular style is the first half of the outro to Patience a few times during the last 2 years.
  3. He's been writing songs like that since the 70s, and did an entire album against GWB in the 00s. He embraced politics vociferously in his music decades ago.
  4. Like guitar tone? Because musically (structure/riffs/lyrics/melodies) I don't think anything from either Snakepit album sound like they could have been GNR tracks.
  5. I don't think anyone expects GNR sound from SMKC. Especially not 3 records in where nothing from them has sounded like a GNR song so far, nor did anything on the solo album, nor Snakepit, and maybe 2-3 songs from VR sort of did.
  6. The songs I've heard sound pretty uninspired. The kind of riffs and progressions Slash can do in his sleep, Myles's melodies are similarly tired and repetitive and derivative of previous songs they've done together. In the end it's going to sound exactly like what it was: Some rough ideas that didn't have time to be fully fleshed out before Slash went on a 2 year world tour with Guns and was recorded when he had some free time.
  7. It's great. The album version is great too. Slash's version has some lines that I love as well, and ultimately, like most CD songs, the best version to me is a mix of the demo/album/live takes. Slash plays some fills that hit that same magical note that the May version solo is built around.
  8. How is there not a better quality version of the Brian May Catcher out there? Presumably it was May's solo that was still on the track before the middle of 2006 when Bumble came in laid down his tracks, and almost everything without Ron's additions leaked sometime between 2006 and 2008...yet never a higher quality/finished version of Brian May's Catcher.
  9. Would lol if he does GNR songs but only from Chinese Democracy
  10. No it's more like Van Halen reuniting with David Lee Roth and then releasing a 20 year old album with Gary Cherone after a successful tour.
  11. Actually it makes little to no sense to have a GNR reunion, go on one of the biggest and most successful tours of all time, then release 2 albums of music without Slash (or Duff, I guess)
  12. Fat Axl was the best post-90's Axl

    Ron's intros to various songs in 2010 > NILT's big rock band ending to 90% of the set list
  13. Fat Axl was the best post-90's Axl

    Thinking he seemed or sounded desperate in 2010 is a pretty bizarre take imo. He was MORE in control and definitely more consistent in 2010 than he was in 2006, and seemed to be having more fun as a performer than he did in 2002 or 2006.