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  1. A timeline for the reunion

    Tommy asked for a leave of absence or to leave the band all together because of the other tours and money he was being offered for the Replacements reunion and other projects. He encouraged the reunion for his sake as much as Axl's. The direct quote from Axl when Tommy told him this was something like "Well what am I going to do without a band?". He also suggested Duff fill in for him in 2014, he wasn't pushed out.
  2. There are at least 3 different people that have had the discs over the past few days. Impossible to know who made copies of what and who, if anyone, those were given to along the way.
  3. That didn't stop them from selling a AFD box set with a shit load of demos and tracks that had been readily available in physical trading and online for literally decades.
  4. That minute of Atlas sounds nothing like I expected and in fact sounds like a UYI song to me
  5. Have full songs leaked or just clips? Conflicting posts in this mug.
  6. You would think digital releases of the CD stuff might be a solid way to recoup some of the losses, but perhaps for tax reasons that might not be a good business idea, idk. I would also think the ownership rights to these particular discs are murky in 20 years after the fact, with various producers and labels being involved over the years.
  7. Live Era

    I would imagine from the same sessions where the earliest recorded CD songs came from. Sounds like the same voice/technique/highs as IRS especially, imo. I would say it's probably pretty possible that they were takes from the AFD 99 sessions as well.
  8. Live Era

    Axl's vocal takes on Rocket Queen and Nightrain are amazing and there were a handful of times he tried to do them like that live and it was also awesome.
  9. This is a lot more fun than arguing about Izzy/Steven in an endless loop of rage
  10. And people have wanted to hear it for 20 years? Lol. Bucket's takes on the solos (and I guess Brain's drumming, but was it Freese at this point?), not Axl's slightly different voice were the interest in that.
  11. I don't remember a new version leaking last year either. Just a different version of OMG and The Blues.
  12. SMKC was playing DTJ on the tour before NITL started, that was probably part of it. Also because the only other song that was a real staple on 91/92 UYI they aren't playing now is Bad Obsession.
  13. Because Izzy has flaked out on: GNR: Multiple times, including at the start of the biggest tour of their careers without warning, forcing them to get a last second replacement for a stadium tour, also was unreliable during the recording and UYI, then again when he came back while Gilby had a broken hand. He's unreliable in the sense that you can't count on him to not just bail and go home without warning. VR: Just up and vanished on them while working on songs, went years without staying in contact with Slash/Duff in either direction of the VR project. In general has made it very clear he does not like and is not willing to do the scale of tours that GNR does. Even if he did agree to do one, you can't be assured that he won't bail on it half way and not honor contracts, because he has a track record of breaking contracts and going dark, sometimes for years at a time. After turning down the deal for the reunion, he went to a sound check and jammed in 2017 for a guest spot like Adler had done, decided he didn't want to do that either, and left without telling anyone. Steven Adler wasn't just strung out in 1990, he's been strung out for most of the past 30 years and also can not handle the rigors of such a large scale and long tour that GNR does, also has more issues than just drugs. He's fortunate he even got guest spots in 2016. People with poor track records generally don't get multiple chances when there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.
  14. 20 pages on this is silly. Neither Izzy nor Steven are reliable. They will never be considered for a whole tour because they can't be counted on. There was never a chance they were going to do NITL with either or both. I guarantee Fortus and/or Ashba would have been on call for every show had Izzy agreed to terms. Steven was never a consideration, obviously. I doubt even a one off show with the 5 is really an option. The most you'll get is maybe a show where both pop in and do 2-3 songs. I mean...this is obvious to anyone that's ever followed the band.