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  1. It's a short up tempo rocker that he can yell his way through and sound great like he does on Shadow. In fact, I'd probably put them back to back. For sure the order needs to be adjusted a bit, I might even say do Shadow/RL in the spot where Estranged is now, do Patience/Dont Cry earlier in the set, and do Estranged as the encore while the stage is still dark. Ultimately it doesn't really matter, people at the shows don't give a shit about the set list but it might be interesting to see if it changes the energy and flow a bit.
  2. Just a few shows is why I don't expect any set changes, but like last year they kept adding festival shows and ended up adding/dropping a few songs along the way.
  3. If GNR does the festival circuit without any new music (which is almost assuredly at 100% chance of happen if only because with new music they can do another year or two or three of touring) I don't expect many if any set changes but some small, doable ones I'd like: Cut: Coma 10 minutes of the RQ solo Black Hole Sun Add: Street of Dreams (at least a couple of tries) Reckless Life Fall to Pieces (if they'll do Slither, FTP isn't completely out of the question imo)
  4. After listening to CD and the 1000 songs Slash has penned since 1993 and then Izzy's solo stuff, it's baffling how someone could come to the conclusion that Axl/Slash need Izzy more than Izzy needs them
  5. Ironically, VR's albums sound way more dated than Chinese Democracy, despite most of the CD songs being written in 1997-1999 and inspired by 1992/1995 fads. VR sounds heavily dated to both mid 2000s and mid 90s at the same time.
  6. I heard the alt version of Don't Cry on the radio this afternoon. It's weird enough to hear anything besides WTTJ/Brownstone/PC/SCOM and maybe sometimes Patience, so just the start of Don't Cry had me perk up and then the alt lyrics started and I was
  7. That's an interesting quote now that Slash has played the majority of CD songs live and praised them and Bucket's guitar work. Now he can relate to what Axl was trying to do, it just took a long time.
  8. Lmao Dizzy has done nothing to get a hate thread out of the blue
  9. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I don't think anyone was wondering why he kept SMKC alive, dawg
  10. How can nerds be worried about the new Terminator being a "feminist" movie when the whole series is built on the shoulders of a strong female character that is the main character in 3 movies and a TV series and even in the movies that she isn't in, her presence and values are still integral to the plot and story? OH NO THIS SERIES ABOUT A STRONG WOMAN HAS STRONG WOMEN IN THE NEW VERSION. Lmao. Fucking goofs.
  11. It's weird that 1993 had things so bad the band imploded, yet on stage they were the most in sync and dialed in than probably any year. 1987-1992 shows all had a real tension and intensity and no one seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage. 1993 feels way more relaxed and everyone seems to be having a good time and that tension that blew up the band was, ironically, completely absent on stage.
  12. I guess it's pretty fortuitous he hasn't attempted it in 25 years then
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I think it's just you, actually