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  1. Another aspect of this is that GNR would've been one of the main forces in rock music by default had they remained viable from 2000-2002ish on. I can't think of who would've replaced them anyway, as most of the garage rock bands and others from that time period mostly petered off for one reason or another. GNR/Axl were definitely in a unique position there, given the status the band had already achieved and also having the chance to take the torch and carry things forward.

    Got both of the vinyl sets. Pretty good price since it looks like the Sound City set alone has gone for $100 on feebay. You can use the code GNR10 and get 10% off the order as well. As for LNL, yeah $400 is still a bit high, but I'm gonna predict a Black Friday sale we see it at like $250.
  3. Per the YT comments tho: "What a show! Strongest performance of the tour," WTF
  4. Nothing - there was a small snippet of it with Quicksong on one of the leaks.
  5. I didn't notice a huge difference lol, I know in at least 1-2 it seems like the killswitch is present ( or at least more present in Track 12 ), but I think I like Take 15 ( Track 18 ) best because Bucket doesn't ramp up into his shredding, he just kinda alternates between them.
  6. Haven't listened to every single one, but it seems like tracks 3-19 have the same initial Robin Solo for the first 30 secs and then they go into different Bucket takes for the solo.
  7. Maybe he went caroling?
  8. I think this is about as much as anyone could have hoped for. Not sure on exact numbers, but at least 20ish tracks with half of them either having vocals or vocals are known to have been recorded. So CD being touted as a potential trilogy seems accurate. Taken by itself, it's clear this was a very productive/inspired time for Axl. Ideally, we would've gotten 2000 Intentions and then another album every 3-4 years afterward which gets things through to 2008 on the strength of that material alone.
  9. Long live Lord Bucket, may he rock eternal, crispy and deep fried.
  10. So if my (2000) intentions are misunderstood (by Bob), please be kind, I've done all I've should.
  11. Just found the hide comment button on Periscope, thank fuck, Brindmeister needs to go play in traffic.
  12. I was kinda half awake and looked at my phone and missed the "instrumental" bit. Still awesome tho, we now believe even more!!!