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  1. If that's real then the name was changed from Jackie Chan BACK to Hard School
  2. I Ave a feeling final version is a fair bit longer
  3. I remember "Free, of this land" and other crappy fakes
  4. They had to play it cool, had to do it their way! (Sorry)
  5. Finally hearing what comes before and after the Checkmate leak.... hot damn, what a moment that was.
  6. An album is the last thing I'd actually expect to happen, which considering how the most unexpected thing is the thing that usually ends up being a thing, is why I think one will happen.
  7. I'm on their website and can't see anything about that. Where are they saying it?
  8. Saaaaame, would've been happy just getting General and Atlas but anything else is a major boner/bonus.
  9. Some of it is genuine annoyance that the organisation, in comparison to other bands, can't find ways to do seemingly simple things that make the fans happy (which they're not entitled to, I agree) but also makes shit tons of moneys for the band. It's also after endless talk for how many years about all the songs Axl was working on. The longest, slowest jerkoff imaginable.
  10. I'll give it a week or so altogether. Still hoping it all comes out asap though.
  11. +1 Was The General ever mentioned in all this supposed 'motherload'? I wouldn't be complaining if it all leaked without The General but it's probably still the No.1 anticipated 'mythical' song so needs to come out as well .
  12. If nothing else leaked now it'd be the biggest goddamn blue-baller. For me at least, this is infinitely more interesting and exciting than NITL/reunion so far as they spectacularly missed the opportunity to come back with new/ish music and there's still no real sign of them properly having interest in it.
  13. I can't think of any other way it could be done tbh. The guy trying to get the material in the first place should've said nothing about it and leaked it this way without saying anything. If in doubt, think of Skewrl. Wait, is MSL trying to get involved?
  14. I'll bet some of them might be trying to tattle to TB for something in return. Hopefully the rest of them just start a take-one-pass-it-on process sending the material to other people privately.