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  1. Anyone know what, if any Guns material was lost in the universal fires of 08? They are listed as one of the artists but I’m not sure any further light has been shed on exactly what was lost
  2. Why put out such a crap mix? I can’t hear slash, Axls vocal sucks... everything about this band is a nostalgic cash grab but the won’t put out old decent videos.
  3. Sad part is that I’m pretty sure a lot of it was filmed for the perfect crime documentary. I think we all need to out live Axl if we’re ever gonna see it
  4. They could write a book on that entire tour alone and I’d buy it... there would be so many cool stories
  5. The one that got ruined was a Brisbane black surfer. Nothing special. mine thought I’ve had was that the Kobe may not have sold at all. I know it’s diabolical but anyone can throw a litho on eBay and have some mates bid on it.... I know for a fact that there were several fake bidders on that Kobe.
  6. Can I ask how many of the Kobe’s are actually accounted for? It’s hilarious to me how many dudes probably slapped it up on the wall in their garage with pins or got damaged because they just treated it like a gig poster. One of my doubles got fucked up because I had it in the spare room at my moms house where it should have been safe and her dog jumped all over it.
  7. They definitely had written at least some of ycbm whilst writing afd as some lyrics are in the afd booklet, one of their biography’s (slash,duff or Steven) names a bunch of pre afd songs, pretty sure perfect crime and ycbm were amongst them
  8. I don’t think the album would’ve sounded that different... I don’t think I even realised that Adler drums on civil war for like the first ten years... YcBM intro: Matt discusses it in this video towards the end
  9. Hopefully the oldest YCBM demo is from the Pre appetite sessions (1986?), I’d imagine it’s a very different song but the main riff would be intact minus Matt’s intro as Matt created that.
  10. I just bought a tube of pringles potato chips for the first time in years, Have they shrunk? not just a little bit but they seem to be half of what they used to be.
  11. Nope. Axl is pulling it off live because the crowd is pumped up and singing along. Soundboards all sound shit. release something from 87-93 👍
  12. Direct spoilers would give away the exact reason they ruined it for me.... the movie serves its purpose if your just after a light hearted trip down memory lane but I was hoping for a bit more. it definitely had some funny moments, It starts off really well but the storyline just falls apart towards the end, then I was just hoping it would end.
  13. Just finished watching. I’ll give it a 4/10 disappointed tbh.
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