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  1. SMKC is slashes creative outlet, gnr is the cash cow that allows him to afford to have a creative outlet.
  2. So random reading this because I was listening to AMOLAD yesterday… great album.
  3. Probably shooting a commercial for their new bong.
  4. I agree with this 100% If he wasn’t so talented and rich he’d probably be in an asylum or jail.
  5. Notice how once she came into Axls life with her kids Gnr went off the rails…. Funny that. parasites
  6. Imagine night one, lights come on, out walks the afd 5 and axl still sounds shit…. Don’t think even that would be worth it at this point….
  7. I can think of many bands I’d pay to see before gnr these days. The novelty of the reunion has well and truly worn off IMO. They gotta do a new album or put this shit to bed already
  8. As long as he talks bout his Halloween tree extensively, I’m ok with either
  9. Ive heard Estranged II, Axls Jug solo is spectacular, Dizzys slide whistle is immense… BELIEVE THE HYPE!
  10. Random shitty radio station DJ mentions new gnr album…. better than the Susan thread already
  11. GnR were like bad boy cartoon characters, slash in his top hat, Axls bandanna, sure there are bands that can sell out stadiums like the foo fighters but nobody gives a fuck about the members other than Dave grohl. they are essentially boring...
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