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  1. At this point it doesn’t matter, they’re all about the $$$ which unfortunately means new music is probably out of the question. Jokes on them though.... you can’t take your money to the grave and their all pushing 60
  2. 😂😂 I can just imagine this in a studio setting with axl singing behind glass with slash and duff giving him finger guns.... you rock Axl haha
  3. Having kids and being divorced is expensive so I’d assume that Axl is probably the one doing the best financially (no children or divorces that we know of) not to mention that he probably earns more from gnr than anyone else, I think litigation is a big part of being a celebrity of any kind so they have probably all had financial issues at different times
  4. a chick who went from scrubbing Axls toilets to managing GNR has gotta be the biggest rags to riches story of all time
  5. I like it as it is, but it would have been much cooler to divide it up into 3 albums, and release them 2-3 years apart... add on TSI and you’ve got GNR releases in let’s say 1991 1993 1996 1999, then the 2002 version of CD. It would have been much more impressive as a back catalogue.
  6. Personally... I moved back to mainland Australia. Met a girl got married had a kid (who is now 10) got divorced. Fun stuff
  7. They really should have kept the NITL tour to two years with a month break between legs. At this point I can’t figure out why they would do more dates unless it was to promote an album. Surely they’ve made enough money to last a lifetime. But on topic, at this point it’s gotta be a new album and hopefully someday we get a afd reunion
  8. He doesn’t give a fuck anymore, he lost the war by crawling back to slash for the ultimate payday so he’s just phoning it in. The difference between his GNR and AC/DC performances is the proof right there.
  9. I got upto where he calls himself a visionary, then I stopped reading. absolute bell end this guy. cringe
  10. I really was terrible. I thought the same thing... and then nothing. It would have been interesting to hear some insiders views on what went wrong.
  11. I’d say there’s a lot of licensing issues around having any non-current members on any video if the footage is from when they were a part of the organisation. That would be a hell of a lot of people who would need to sign off on it which probably won’t happen unless GNR cough up some serious $.
  12. My dream is for Gnr to make a Netflix deal for a 10 part series of the perfect crime.
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