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  1. This isn’t guns n roses. Axl spent the early 90s trying to be Freddy, he failed… he had a chance to make his band a legacy but he failed. Now they aren’t up there with the stones. Not anymore.
  2. they had “from the forthcoming album Afd on the back of the it’s so easy 12” single and I think the YCBM single had the same thing, so maybe it’s a good indicator of what’s to come?
  3. I’m hoping that once the we see the back artwork for Hardskool, it’ll say “from the forthcoming album ______”
  4. I can see a “walk this way” remake with Eminem on the dmc parts, Axl and slash it would be awesome.
  5. They need a hook/verse from a current and relevant artist. Axl wailing and slash killing it…… it could be done pretty easily but. when your management are ex janitors, these options simply don’t exist.
  6. Pretty much man. Get a decent writer like Eminem and Axl spitting out the vocals would be fire
  7. Lately I’m seeing a lot of older artists staying relevant by collaborating with new creative people. should guns do it? examples: Eminem, Metallica
  8. I believe that he could still sing pretty good in a studio setting. I just wish they’d be a studio band, give up the touring and just headline some festivals around the world a few times a year
  9. It wasn’t a hard decision. Generally whenever GnR tour australia I use it as an excuse to see other cities, I rarely go to a home town show. Things might change for me by that time next year and I’ll re-book. But for now it’s a solid pass. Wait and see what the band do.
  10. I Already cancelled my hotels and airfares. I think I’ll take a refund on my tickets for now too. I wasn’t that excited at the prospect of seeing them do the same exact show anyway.
  11. I’m gonna guess that it was recorded very late in the UYI sessions, Axls vocals were phenomenal and the best he has ever done. Same could be said about TSI. Although people generally say it sucks, I always thought that it showcased Axl at his strongest
  12. I did the same but the shitty mix bugs the hell out of me. Hopefully it’s better on the CD
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