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  1. It’s almost as if Axl is doing this type of shit as a fuck you to the fans. Pretty funny really.... dizzy reed - “classic toon”
  2. Isn’t it so odd and random that this stuff leaks after nearly 30 years? someone has obviously had it this whole time, I wonder how many sets of hands it went through at the production company back in 1992? surely there was someone there who was a fan and kept some unofficial stuff for himself, and now 30 years later has gone “fuck it”
  3. I’ve held off buying Sydney tickets for now, I’m thinking I’ll get some in around September. I did stupidly however book tickets/ airfares/hotel for Adelaide.... I know I can get the tickets and hotel refunded but I’d probably lose the airfares if COVID is still a big deal come November.
  4. Just my opinion man, I’d bet most gnr fans had never heard of bumble foot, dj, Richard, Tommy, pitman before they joined and at that point (01-08) none of them had done anything noteworthy, buckethead is the exception IMO
  5. Id guess that the main reason Tommy joined was money. I doubt ‘the replacements’ was gonna see him into retirement financially . Same goes for most of the b grade musicians he’s had in gnr over the years
  6. Haha.... sad Until del says it... I won’t believe anything..... he wrote some shit book, right?
  7. The big money is in touring anyway , especially for legacy acts. Any new release from them will only be to keep the die hards happy which we know they don’t care about anyway, so yeah, there’s nothing to talk about because there isn’t gonna be a mew album
  8. You can guarantee the label really want a strong comeback album, it could be as simple as that they don’t think the material is strong enough and told them to go write some more..
  9. Without slash it would have been received the same in 2000 as it was in 2008... slash is GN’R
  10. Axl seems to be able to sing ok in a studio setting, (rock the rock)but with take after take and pro tools I have no doubt we could have a weak CD era vocal on a new album. I remember how excited I was to hear Axl sing on Angel Down back in like 06 and I believe those sessions were very short and he pulled it off flawlessly.
  11. God I hope they don’t add it to the set. Axl needs a good vocal coach and then maybe add it.
  12. Absolute trash. is it just me? I see a goat poking his tongue out in the centre at the top
  13. I hate to say it, but at that NBA game he had the look of someone doing chemotherapy. He was very thin, obvious wig, very gaunt. I guess it’s possible that he had some form of cancer that went into remission and was wearing a wig until his hair grew back....
  14. I’m sitting here, listening. I made a playlist of all the demos that would have been the 2001 album. As a 19 year old in 2001 I know I would have loved it. As someone approaching 40 it’s just cool toheat but not my style.... but yeh, they are now a legacy band. It all got fucked up, and it’s a damn shame about what we missed from like 93-2000, they could have been the modern day stones, look what we got
  15. THe GN’R folder is slashes secret porn stash... he knows nobody’s gonna look in there
  16. didn’t they demo it prior to this? Slash is either drunk as or hadn’t perfected the guitar parts.... sounds like he palm mutes a whole verse lol
  17. My money is on slash and duff pressuring Axl to release a record, arguments ensue and they both quit again in a couple of years, no album comes and Gnr retires with no official announcement.
  18. At this point I don’t even think Axls death would see any music released, assuming that all of Axls rights to the brand go to TB in the event of him passing. The brand alone would generate plenty of money to keep the maid and her kids rolling in the dough for many years to come without any actual music
  19. The perfect crime documentary. ideally they should do a Netflix deal and make it into a 6 part series or something.
  20. I doubt they’ll ever play “every rose has its thorn”. come to think of it, I haven’t heard the gnr version since my limewire days back in 02
  21. I met duff in like 2012 after a loaded gig. Chatted for about 10 minutes, he’s a cool down to earth dude and was waaay skinnier than I expected lol
  22. Estranged did when I was a teenager, now in my late 30s I’m so hardened to feelings that I doubt anything could make me emotional.... I guess that comes with age.
  23. Axl can still do it... he just doesn’t want to for whatever reason. he needs a decent vocal coach.
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