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  1. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet Billionaire was dated 10/15/00. Brain joined mid 2000s and in these mixes he’s just laying down drum tracks on the first album stuff. And he wrote The General. Really doubt it
  2. If you combine Rough CD #2 and Rough CD #3, you have an album that rivals AFD... Axl had this in the can. What the fuck Universal. What the fuck Bob Ezrin. What the fuck. This is great stuff.
  3. What a day. grateful for all these righteous tunes
  4. I’m still coming down and I’m out of cigarettes
  5. I like the prom violence... very catchy riffs Chinese Democracy riff alert Would like to hear Axl singing on this
  6. Can you imagine Rose in the studio, listening to all the disparate elements of his music, trying to make his art the best it could possibly be. I mean the gaul! Drums up 1.5dB? Guitars up 0.7dB? Drums AND guitars up? Oh, pish posh. In my day, we simply recorded everything and released the record immediately. It didn't that old Louie coughed up a lung and gurgled through the chorus, he did it the right way. And when the record was finally pressed, we didn't have time for any nonsense like album artwork. We wrapped in a brown paper bag, tied it to the nearest horse, gave him a hard slap on the rear and away he went! As anyone with taste knows, true art will simply find the mark even if it's left alone in a field of juniper berries and desert sage. Waste, I tell you! Waste!
  7. The instrumentals sound great. No Atlas instrumental breaks my heart
  8. sounded good at spots (rocket, estranged, slither instrumental) and garbage others. Mostly bland its still the NITL tour so maybe unfair to expect changes but it’s so tepid glad casuals are having fun reliving the past nostalgia. Band is cashing in. Good for them hope Axl loses 20 lbs for health but great to see him in good spirits A happy life is more important than anything else hope cd2 is released and promoted to hell bucket and robin and Tommy deserve their hard work to be heard and loved hope for an Axl robin reunion Hope is all We can do
  9. 1. Zodiac

    2. Soul Monster

    3. Perhaps / State of Grace (tie)

    5. Hard School

    6. Atlas Shrugged

    7. Eye on You

    8. Inside Out

    100. Silkworms

  10. How can a human being listen to this track and not be an insane level of excited? Are you robots mygnrforum i think you are robots
  11. @Amir do you have that picture in high resolution? im printing t-shirts sometime ill send you one
  12. dear fernando, all of the leaks signed, the forum