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  1. I figure they wont either. I dont think they give a shit about awards.
  2. Since they are in the running for an award will they bother to attend?
  3. Has anyone noticed the similarities in "Bring it back home" and Slither? Maybe I am just imagining it.
  4. 11/24/17 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

    I thought the dots on her face were a tattoo. I guess not since they are on the opposite side tonight. Do they have some meaning?
  5. 11/13/17 - Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN

    What the hell is Fortus doing to that solo during Rocket queen? I like his playing but that was a bit much..
  6. Wow... I swear Townsends guitar amp has been IZZIED. I haven't heard a quarter of the licks he has played when they show him.
  7. Loudest show you've been to

    I'm not sure if it was the Crue or the navy that effed up me hearing..
  8. Loudest show you've been to

    Motley Crue Albany NY 1990. My ears were ringing for days.
  9. I loved the Atlanta performance. It was the one where Axl bowed to slash. He seems to have gone back to noodling since then.