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  1. While my guitar gently weeps? Did I miss something important here? That's my favorite Beatles/Clapton song.
  2. This I Love in Atlanta 2016 was my favorite moment. It was the first time I think Slash and Axl really connected on the solo and vocal crescendo before the piano solo. Axl seemed to acknowledge this with his smile and bow to slash. I only wish I had recorded the entire song from the beginning. On a side note... Notice how great Axl sounded in 2016!
  3. I think the IV's and shots Axl had today are helping. He is sounding real good.
  4. I distinctly remember an interview where Slash mentioned there being a song on the first solo album he considered calling Axl and asking him to sing. Id like to know which song that was.
  5. YES...... I made that mistake last year. I bought the wife and I shirts . I failed to notice the "Not In This Lifetime MotherF***er" on the back. Luckily, the one I got for my 12 year old had nothing on the back.
  6. I figure they wont either. I dont think they give a shit about awards.
  7. Since they are in the running for an award will they bother to attend?
  8. Has anyone noticed the similarities in "Bring it back home" and Slither? Maybe I am just imagining it.