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  1. Some great words by melissa 😊 thank you for the great time i cant wait too do it all again 😊
  2. Have you seen the thing with axl putting duff the red had on? I think they are having a good time and that makes me very happy 😁
  3. Very happy for you men 😁😁😁
  4. I love madagascar so much 😍😍😍 hopefully i can hear it live one day 😊
  5. Beta just streamt a lot via ig sounds fucking good
  6. I think they sound amazing would love too see the whole concert 😁
  7. Nice i cant wait too see them 😁
  8. Nice do you have hd video?
  9. Can someone please give me a link? I cant find it 😐
  10. I cant find the pro shot 😣
  11. I want too see the Videos so bad 😍
  12. Oh 😐 do you recorded it on video ?