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  1. Lol. Maybe he is typing out one hell of a story... I will wait!
  2. Nice! I like this one... wish I was there to snag one.
  3. They are special Gilden VIP T-shirts... for VIP guests.
  4. Relax... I didnt directly respond to you. It was a general comment that anyone who believes that the majority of the lithos that Warpig sells are real and special VIP editions is a special kind of stupid. This forum wasnt created for networking and trading... It was created for discussing the artwork and prints. That is what people are doing here when they are warning people about Warpig. Caveat Emptor.
  5. Warpig discussion has been talked about ad nauseam... online sleuthing has proven he works at a print shop in Brooklyn and has access to all the equipment required to make copies of these things. He also sells obvious fakes of concert T’s on eBay. You believe this jackass has an “in” with the band and all his unnumbered lithos are special prints given away to special “VIP” guests? Then you are a special kind of stupid!
  6. He works at a print company in Brooklyn NY.
  7. Maybe bought it in the second-hand market and doesnt want the original seller to know he is offering it for a markup or what the final sale price would be?
  8. I went to the second Foo's Boston show and they had no less than 4 separate posters with a run between 400-500 and foil variants between 30-40. Really cool designs but the one I bought got rained on until it was reduced to a soggy mess and then got trampled on buy some dancing fat chick next to me (unfortunately my date). It was like I was holding a bag of oatmeal when the concert ended. They were less expensive than the GNR litho's ($30 as opposed to $50) 18X24".
  9. Why? You in the market for a used car? With your sense of value and skills at negotiation, I bet I will be paying you at the end of the deal.
  10. Just curious if you have such deep pockets, why were you quibbling about the price for the Slane on Ebay, or trying to undercut for the Cinncinatti? Those were great deals!
  11. Dude, just relax! All the posts and private messages hustling for certain lithos is just tiresome... we know what you have and what you are looking for by now... Just add a list to your signature, don’t waste anyone’s time and enjoy the board.
  12. I am not trying to be hostile, but you are obviously not trying to be realistic either. You have 25 posts and most of those are posts looking for the rarest and most valuble lithos from the tour (London, Paris, Slane, Foxboro 2, Madrid, Kobe, etc), but you don't want to pay eBay or fair market prices. The $600 for the Slane was a good deal on ebay since it was only the second I have seen for sale and you didn't want to pay lqddynamites price for the Cincinnati (which I thought was more than fair for a very desirable and popular litho). You instead went public with the negotiation which I thought was in very poor taste. As I said, I am not trying to be openly hostile; and I wish you the best of luck in your search, but I come here to talk about/see the artwork; not you trying to solicit people for high dollar lithographs as cheaply as possible.