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  1. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    The still selling tickets is probably down to logistics. IE massively reduced workforce and a lifetimes worth of affected events being announced in a few weeks. The official announcement is probably a coordinated one for the whole tour
  2. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    Don't know anything about the rest of the tour, London is off though. I've no idea why Tm are selling tickets still. They have now paid out (which is not the same as refunded, done by a third party) the ticket exchange sellers which only happens when it's cancelled or the event has taken place. Source : Someone at Tm
  3. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    A little birdie has told me the plug was pulled today. It is fully cancelled, not rescheduled.
  4. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    I actually think they'll find it very hard to re-schedule the UK dates at Spurs. Nobody knows what will happen with the football season or when the next one will start and end. If they move the venue, for sure they can't get out of that. TM are far from the only ones doing this. Stubhub won't even give you a refund if an event is cancelled now. Voucher only. They are on the ropes it appears as they won't pay sellers for events that actually happened either. And Airlines are also doing what they can not to pay out and forcing vouchers onto people. I guess the authorities aren't really looking right now and there will be some leniency even if they ever do. Covid 19 innit, fuck em all! It's point 11.3 on ticketmaster UK purchase policy. Screen grab it before it's changed. You will win your charge back then for sure
  5. 05/29/20 - London, GB - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

    Just so you know, Ticketmaster UK appear to have reneged on their own terms and stopped refunding rescheduled events So if you end up with a new date in 2021, don't be surprised if they tell you that you can re-sell the tickets on their ticket exchange but can't have a refund. You also can't sell tickets on their exchange if you live outside the UK
  6. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Well I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day
  7. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    They've moved the gigs from Bellahouston to Glasgow Green due to flooding. I'm going to guess that's the reason for the delay in announcing - uncertainty over the venue. Green Day play 24th June so think that ties in nicely. They've said they've moved 3 scheduled gigs from Bellahouston but only Green Day was announced so there's two more to come.
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I'm going to guess they're getting announced for Glasgow Green very soon
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I agree no new album. 0% chance. New gimmick perhaps
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Guessing they'll make a big song and dance about the Miami Superbowl party show and announce the tour there. All new show bla bla. Possibly a new track. Surprised they wouldn't drop it before Xmas with the Euro tour but perhaps wanted the exposure of the pre superbowl stuff and didn't want to put on same time as the very popular Crue tour. Who'd have thought Crue would ever be more popular 😁 Or maybe some other gimmick like Appetite in full in Miami. Then they'll announce the US tour and any missing bits to the Euro leg like the Scottish gig and maybe a few others. I'm hoping the all new show happens in Miami, whatever it is. They can run stadiums August to end of October in US no problems.
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Which they're doing on their own projects. But for Guns, I agree we with Jamillos we will never get a new album
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Metallica was cheaper but it was hardly cheap, I paid £95 for a top seat in the UK and around £110 i think for a decent seat for the stadium leg. The stadium production also blew Guns out of the water. Axl actually put together some half decent stage shows for 5k attendances in arenas for Nu GNR yet in the stadiums we didn't really get the production we deserved IMO. Bands are doing amazing things these days with the production and Guns are miles behind in this and I think certainly for younger concert goers it is expected now.
  13. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    A package tour would be a good idea, I mean some of the supports have been ridiculous. Fuck knows what Tyler Bryant has on somebody in the music business but he got to go out with AC/DC as well and the bloke has as many listens on Spotify as bands who literally play pubs. Then the Kills when I went to London was just utterly bizarre. I get the financial reasons why they don't want to spunk loads of money on support acts but announcing a package from the outset clearly has some value. That Crue reunion tour has sold amazingly well, some bloke from Def Leppard did an interview and basically said it was completely unexpected by everybody to sell like that
  14. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    No band on earth can sustain stadiums every year at these prices. Bands like U2/Stones/ ACDC/ Metallica take long breaks between tours and come back with a totally new one. Either a new gimmick, new album or just giving it some time. Not just one never ending tour. A band like Metallica also engage with their fans by putting out new music, having an active youtube channel with loads of great pro shot footage that get millions of views that keeps people interested. Then their fan club has lots of other stuff going on, the whole being on stage, snake pit etc in recent years You could argue they are bigger now than anytime since the early 90's. Their Worldwired tour came through my city twice, both shows were entirely different. Venue, production and setlist all completely different. Then you have PJ having the Ten club really looking after their most dedicated fans. We have Nightrain. If they want to get back to reunion hype they will need a new gimmick or announce a farewell. Appetite 5, or Appetite in full (which we almost get anyway but it's a gimmick that will sell to casuals) or the goodbye (whether legit or not) would all sell great. One never ending tour isn't really a selling point after a while but the size of the brand and the songs will always keep steady numbers coming in and I'm sure they're still making plenty of money. Obviously the tour has been successful otherwise it wouldn't be carrying on in big venues but even first run... let's not kid ourselves they were reaching a little in stadiums in many places.
  15. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    It's a strange one Not to sound like I'm on repeat but I reckon Bella Houston around the green day gig which also their week off is the most likely bet Do not see any real attempt at trying to fill Hampden or Murray field post Christmas being viable Imagine if we got the Hydro though...