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  1. Hungry for that ad revenue that’s non existent
  2. Funny...that channel has been putting up videos for the whole tour and everything, wonder why Uzi Suicidal didn’t mess with him🤔
  3. Me two days ago: “haha it’s okay I don’t need to get on my computer and download this show it’ll be there anytime, I’ll just do it another day” RIP
  4. How in the world do any of you think these are current Axl vocals
  5. https://youtu.be/_cL2clqglYk I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but at 4:10 Paul is answering a question about stage presence, and to me it sounds like he’s taking a shot at Axl. What are your guy’s thoughts?
  6. Paul Stanley jab at Guns N‘ Roses 1996

    Yeah I didn’t really know that my bad
  7. Paul Stanley jab at Guns N‘ Roses 1996

    I thought from what he said about “flannel shirts and shorts” that it was a shot at Axl. To me that was sort of a good representation of what Axl always wore
  8. Paul Stanley jab at Guns N‘ Roses 1996

    Yeah I wasn’t sure about that or not but with the conflict of the band and Paul before I was thinking this could be a straight shot at him
  9. New Voice Theory: So Axl for years has supposedly had a 4 hour vocal preparation process before shows, and if he ever messed it up he’d restart, and that’s why he was always late. So with him on time every show in the NITLT do you think he may have been rushing his preparation and that’s why he struggled with his vocals? This is a far out theory and it’s just more than likely his vocals are burnt.
  10. It’s just wrong just totally wrong....-_-
  11. I know I know I shouldn’t be surprised this happened but to label it as NITLT just annoys me
  12. I am triggered, I cannot believe they have done this
  13. I’ve listened to them both 100 times and I’m telling you that is an overdub from Appetite for Democracy
  14. https://twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/977628571832233984?s=21 This is labeled as from NITLT but to me judging by Axl’s voice and how the guitar playing sounds, it sounds like Ashba’s playing. If this is an overdub that’s disappointing.
  15. Okay I think I have it figured out. I’ve 100% convinced myself that this is an overdub from Appetite for Democracy. Just listen to the Audio from both side by side.
  16. Focus on Ferrer’s drumming though. His cymbal hits don’t seem to be matching up. You can even hear that stupid finger tapping Ashba always did. I may just be heavily overthinking this but idk I’m paranoid
  17. I’m not going to give up on my futile hope for new Guns music
  18. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    Sid some people just don’t understand and respect the fact that it’s extremely hard to get someone like Dizzy on In the first place and then understand that someone who’s so low in the band would never be allowed to talk about highly classified information. Anyways, really enjoyed watching the interview man I respect all of the work you do for the community and I hope you can keep getting bigger. Just a thought, maybe if Axl respects you guys enough to quote one of your vids (if that’s what he actually did), maybe someday he might do an interview with you guys. I could definitely see him doing an interview with a lesser known news outlet than with a bigger well known one that could possibly twist his words for publicity.
  19. [REQ] 2007 Budokan Show and the 1988 Sunplaza Show

    Thanks mate!
  20. Looking for the best quality of these two shows. Thank you!
  21. Maybe if Gibson also sues these guys they won’t have to file for bankruptcy
  22. Why I think new music is coming

    Having “Slash” at the beginning is a bigger attention grabber than just “The Conspirators” so having Slash in the name sells better
  23. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    What a great 2 years guys I joined the forum later in the tour at the beginning of this year but damn I can think back to hearing how Bumblefoot and Ashba were no longer in the band and hearing all of the rumors then I just remembered the night slash posted an old GNR bullet logo on instagram and I was so pumped
  24. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    There is no way that the Download Festival comes close to being that amazing
  25. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    It was spectacular