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  1. After Vegas next month I will have been to 5 shows this tour (Still working on adding a 6th ). I have been to that number of shows merely out of luck really. If gas were still $4.25 a gallon instead of $1.95 it would never happen as I have drove to every show so far (Kansas City, Chicago Night 2, St. Louis and Little Rock). I pick a price im willing to spend on a ticket and buy whatever I can afford. Chicago I paid 21 dollars for a nosebleed ticket and it was still an amazing show, that night was only like $175 bucks total for me and my girlfriend. Vegas was carefully planned. Bought nosebleeds through the box office for 75 each, roundtrip airfare from STL flying southwest was $215 each and our hotel Circus Circus is going to be like 225 total for 3 nights. Lucky for me my girlfriend is always willing to pay her own way for trips like this.
  2. I wanted the Amiri Jeans but at that price ill figure out how to make a pair. Still cheaper to buy some fabrics of different kinds with GNR logos and a sewing kit.
  3. I think if you take the cheer zombie off the poster and stretch the Guns N Roses words a little larger this poster is a homerun. looks to cluttered as it is. Design rule #1 is Keep it simple stupid (KISS)
  4. Just bought 2 cheap seats to this show. Flying in from St.Louis the 15th and going to go check out some stuff in vegas ive wanted to see! Just have to figure out a cheap hotel now!
  5. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Axl is enjoying every bit of this tour. Cant tell 100% from the periscope vid but it looks like he is rocking a backwards hat and playing Estranged like its 1991 all over again and earlier he was dancing with Slash!!!!!!!
  6. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Ive searched every 1000 dollar designer tshirt website I could think of lol and haven't found it yet. The search "Cat T-shirt" is not very likely to turn up anything lol. My girlfriend could not care less that Axl wore it she just loved the shirt.
  7. That poster is freaking awesome. If someone wants to trade a Little Rock poster for one I would probably do that.
  8. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Has anyone tracked down the shirt with a cat or a kitten on it like Axl wore in St. Louis my girlfriend wants that shirt and I cant track it down.
  9. He probably did only say W Axl Rose I was actually talking to my girlfriend at the moment he said it about how damn good they sounded compared to the other cities we have seen lol. Now begins the planning for show 5 for me, haven't decided where but its looking like Vegas Baby
  10. Where are these 25 dollar shirts and 5 dollar posters? I spent 195 on 3 posters and a shirt saturday . Your merch pricing is way off
  11. It took me a minute to catch on because i think he said William Axl Rose Memorial Stadium and i only heard Axl Rose memorial stadium then i went ohhhh WAR got it!
  12. One of my favorite moments last night Axl says something to the effect of Glad to be here playing Axl Rose Memorial Stadium....ohh thats not the name of it oh well its good to be here anyway. Then he walks a bit and realizes he just screwed up so he goes Im sorry i didnt mean that disrespectfully not my intentions at all so i hope no one was offended. This of course being due to the fact it is War Memorial Stadium
  13. Axl is killing it and clearly having fun. This is going to go down as one of the best shows on this tour.
  14. Stage crew isnt going to have to worry about chair clean up tonight at the rate they are going. From where im sitting i have watched ushers carry 10+ broken chairs off the floor. Lmfao
  15. Really glad i came to this show. paid 70 dollars for a bleacher seat and i think im closer to the stage than i was on the floor in StLouis. Going to be well worth the drive.