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  1. Was the heavy paper slot machine litho an artist run or something? Must have missed the discussion about that, that was one of the things that really bugged me about the slot machine litho was how cheap it was
  2. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Yeah I gotta figure out a way to download this show. They are on fucking fireeee right now.
  3. The poster for tonight is probably the best of the tour. Cant wait to see the next couple days. Im sure this set is going to be ridiculously expensive to do.
  4. I bought a couple of frames at michaels last night for their black friday sale only 15 bucks a piece! I have a black vegas poster id trade for the right poster. Really want the jordan style chicago poster (obviously values are a little different).
  5. Ive seen a few pics of him with Fortus outside of places. So probably Slash and Richard if anything.
  6. 11/18/17 - Sacramento, CA - Golden 1 Arena

    With the pro shot vid and soundboard audio like in the one posted to the FB page I really hope they turn this tour into a CD/DVD at some point. The setlist has been close enough to the same and the tour has went on long enough to where they can cherry pick through their favorite performances of each song. I would buy it for sure
  7. Did anyone notice on the slot machine litho where it says 11-17-17 its actually the teeth of a skeleton.
  8. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Backwards hat AXL is a badass. Killin it right now on Better
  9. The slot machine poster is a pretty cheap paper, like a poster. So if you order one online and its not hard paper stock like the other dont sweat it. Its pretty thin. The praying hands however is the normal thick paper.
  10. There is a 2nd poster tonight numbered to 300. It is praying skeloton hands with a roseary. Im assuming a nod to the shooting last month.
  11. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Anybody been to the venue to see if there is an outdoor merch booth yet?
  12. How stupid is that to change the poster size mid tour. Its going to be aggravating if vegas is a random size. I like uniformity and it will look stupid with my other posters. I'm thinking its going to be Las Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) related
  13. Tonights chicago poster is my favorite of the entire tour.
  14. After Vegas next month I will have been to 5 shows this tour (Still working on adding a 6th ). I have been to that number of shows merely out of luck really. If gas were still $4.25 a gallon instead of $1.95 it would never happen as I have drove to every show so far (Kansas City, Chicago Night 2, St. Louis and Little Rock). I pick a price im willing to spend on a ticket and buy whatever I can afford. Chicago I paid 21 dollars for a nosebleed ticket and it was still an amazing show, that night was only like $175 bucks total for me and my girlfriend. Vegas was carefully planned. Bought nosebleeds through the box office for 75 each, roundtrip airfare from STL flying southwest was $215 each and our hotel Circus Circus is going to be like 225 total for 3 nights. Lucky for me my girlfriend is always willing to pay her own way for trips like this.