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  1. Not a knock on that lineup, well respected but not only is that unpopular, but thats is completely insane!!!!! LOL
  2. Melissa was awesome when I saw them. I saw them at Hershey Park and Axl introduced her as Melissa Reece's Pieces and she wore a Reece's shirt that she probably bought at the Hershey Chocolate World shop. Before that time I hadnt really followed GNR as closely since 1996 so I was unaware of the Reese addition, but their new upgraded rock sound as a whole was refreshing and enjoyable and she looked great on stage.
  3. Makes no sense other than screwing up or that was the way it was labeled when originally produced. When I grew up watching MTV and that came out it was always the short version with color as the primary main version, now known as "alt" version. A little later on (dont remember) the long version came out. This all BandW doest ring a bell for me, but it was a long time ago.
  4. Its not even the best SCOM video, lol. I call 3rd place, first being the long version. My favorite is probably The Garden and the timing of it.
  5. Quantity doesnt equate to being a better band, it just means you were better at quantity, longevity or both. Then there is quality of songs and most importantly, individual preference. GNR is the best band ever imo, the 3 listed above only 1 I would consider close to GNR and thats LZ. Beatles are cool and Queen only have 3 or 4 songs I like.
  6. Well, I think there was maybe slightly a little going on at that very moment, not sure what he was doing right before the surprise interview but LOL!
  7. Short version...boooooo! On another note....this one is all black and white...I found the color short from GNR official and they call that the "alt" version which makes no sense, I always grew up watching short with some color video on MTV. i never knew a short all b and w existed until now.
  8. Thank goodness...I dont mind a few songs but mixing it up is a good idea imo.
  9. Its not too late. If they still released an official "Locker Box Set" I would still buy it. They can add some goodies to it about that era, behind the scenes unreleased photo's and perhaps a bonus disc I would really love that.
  10. He mentions the Falun Gong which is a huge no no in the mainland. Dont ever bring up the Falun Gong, thats why more than likely Axl was banned from going back to China. Interestingly, I bought Chinese Democracy in Beijing in 2008 at a open bootleg shop not far from Tienanmen Square before the real album was released. I still have it with a nice flip cover.
  11. If you like Shank you would love Meta-matic with Buckethead.
  12. Private emails and conversations can damage people's relationships for life and perhaps reveal information that could be very damaging to one's image. Its many levels of ethical wrongness above art being leaked out that was designed for public consumption. People have committed suicide over leaked private information, its just not right.
  13. Lets get more music out, keep private emails private this is now getting creepy. Axl's a decent dude, lets respect his most private life.