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  1. My take on the lyrics: When did you think you would tell me? I know you think I (???) I said, I never wanted us to be hostile Now you're just running away, oh It's now or never
  2. Holy shit that boxset looks fucking amazing as well!
  3. The 2006 "All cautions made" leak was looped because DJ Razz cut it off by saying "Did I mention, fuck you?" right before the "All in good faith" lyric.
  4. Rocket Queen (Live 2002)

    Nothing special. And it's not Rocket Queen '99.
  5. There's 20 CDs, someone linked pictures 1-3 pages back. We've only seen about 10 CDs so far. They have a bunch of drum tracks, some rough mixes of unheard songs and a whole lot else. One's rumored to have AFD '99 on it, but we haven't seen any photos of that one yet.
  6. We're not pointing a cold barrel to his skull, relax
  7. He found it, our guy bought it fair and square and I guess that somehow adds another layer to this?
  8. This thread should be deleted when everything leaks, too much information on our guy.
  9. They're probably expecting the rest of the world to have leaked something by then lol
  10. If I'm not mistaken, I've seen songs dated November 2000, no idea if that's mixing or recording date, though.
  11. Also, these drum tracks only - who owns them? Can they be copyrighted?
  12. It is probably like CITR where Brian only played the lead guitar bits which, unfortunately are not present in this 1 minute clip. At least that is just my assumption lol Q: Will Brian May appear on Atlas Shrugged? A: Perhaps on an alternate or bits, on that track it has more to do with recording issues and getting the mix to a good level. [Axl Rose, chinesedemocracy.com, Dec. 2008]