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  1. Just wanted to share some Adler's Appetite goodness, this guy sings his face off and isn't far from sounding something like Axl.
  2. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Throw in the Spaghetti sessions. Like they did with Appeite + Lies. Oh and maybe Back and Forth Again & the early piano sketch of TIL would be cool, even though that's more '94 ish..
  3. Seattle Hell Tour dates

    Oh yeah, I worded myself wrong. I know they never played these shows, sorry!
  4. So back in '85 when they did the Hell Tour they were supposed to play multiple shows but ended up only playing one. GNRontour reports 4 more dates in Portland, Eugene, Sacramento & San Francisco. And I guess my question is: Have these dates been confirmed somehow by anyone in the band or close to the band? We only ever hear about the Gorilla Garden Seattle show.
  5. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Attitude is a song by Misfits, Duff sings on it cause he loves the Misfits more than anyone else in the band, not because the lyrics somehow fit him in a twisted way.. Misfits also have lyrics like: "I got something to say, I killed a baby today / And it doesn't matter much to me as long as it's dead / Well I got something to say, I raped your mother today / And it doesn't matter much to me as long as she's spread", this doesn't mean they went out and killed babies and raped mothers.. It's a Horror-Punk image, it's supposed to be shocking and gory, because it all fits a running theme. Attitude is a song with just that, Attitude. It's a song by a horror punk band, not something written with ink in our history books. And it's not like they covered a song with bad intent either. It's just music, enjoy it for what it is.
  6. Adler's Appetite / Road Crew

    Thank for clearing this up! About that album - is anything circulating from that? Artwork maybe?
  7. Adler's Appetite / Road Crew

    I read on GNREvolution that he appears on two of their albums, "Move On It" [1993] & "Fade" [1995], however Discogs doesn't say anything about it and I haven't researched it too much either.
  8. Adler's Appetite / Road Crew

    So I'm looking for Adler's Appetite / Road Crew songs, I have these: 2005 - Adler's Appetite - Adler's Appetite Suicide 99 Empty Hollywood Little Dancer Draw The Line 2012 - Adler's Appetite - Alive Alive Stardog Fading Alive [Instrumental] Then there are some titles floating around like "Cindy", "Sadder Days", "Can't Get Back", "Keeping Satisfied" that I don't have, and any other titles that might be floating around. Some of those titles are apparently Road Crew songs from after Steven was kicked from GN'R and he reformed the band. Please help me out ALSO: I'd love to know what songs Steven Adler guests on with other musicians!
  9. Hollywood Rose DJ

    Nothing's really making any sense.
  10. Hollywood Rose DJ

    Yeah apparently. Probably when L.A. Guns just disbanded or something and they formed the first incarnation of GN'R, maybe Steven got the early 1985 GN'R mixed up with HR? Anyway, a page or two later in his book he mentions a guitar player called Jeff: And Izzy in L.A. Guns? Lots of things aren't lining in my mind's storyline
  11. Hollywood Rose DJ

    An excerpt from Steven's book: "Rose got to play only three songs. I learned that the guys featured on the flyer who caught my attention were vocalist Axl Rose and guitarist Izzy Stradlin, two childhood friends from Indiana. I thought they looked cool and that even their names were cool. They had a guy named Rob Gardner on drums with them, but I wasn’t that impressed with him. The bass player’s name was DJ. I believe he helped write “Move to the City,” one of the songs they performed." Who's DJ? The only guy that comes to mind that wrote MTTC would be Del James, but he would've been mentioned by name and he never played in HR. Steve Darrow was their bassist at the time, is DJ just an alias?
  12. AXL

    Source: https://rocksverige.se/intervju-chris-weber-om-hollywood-rose/
  13. So, here's my understanding of Duff's seattle journey. Any help adding more bands and creating a clearer image would be great, but please provide sources. [Formation] - [Band name] 1979 - Vains 1980 - You May Not Believe In Vains But You Cannot Deny Terror [Duff plays bass on this, He's also credited for writing & vocals on "The Fake", under the alias "Nico Teen"] -------- 1980 - The Living [No releases, Duff played guitar in this band during his time in Vains] -------- 1980 - Fastbacks (Duff played two shows and recorded four songs) 1981 - It's Your Birthday [Drums & Backing vocals] 1981 - Seattle Syndrome - Vol. 1 (Compilation) [Drums on track A6] 1990 - Never Fails, Never Works [Drums on tracks B5-B7. New son "Was Late" debuts] -------- 1982 - Silly Killers (No idea when this band formed, presumably before Duff joined The Fartz. Year is based on first release) 1982 - Silly Killers [Backing vocals on "Social Bitch"] 1983 - What Syndrome (Compilation) [Drums on A1 & A2] -------- 1982 - The Fartz (This eventually evolved into the more known band, 10 Minute Warning, with a different lineup & Duff on guitar) 1990 - You, We See You Crawling [Drums on tracks A1-A5] -------- 1982 - 10 Minute Warning 1982 - Survival Of The Fittest [This was released under 10 Minute Warning, but the band is The Fartz. Same songs as on release above] 1984 - 10 Minute Warning [EP] [Not sure what this is, Duff left TMW in 1983. Same songs as release above but with an unknown song called "War Is Hell". According to Discogs, Duff plays drums on this] 1998 - 10 Minute Warning [Reunited band after Duff left GN'R. Duff plays Guitar here] 2008 - Then And Now... Vol. #1 (Split 7") [New song "Spell" debuts. Duff plays Guitar] -------- 1983 - Hobo Skank (No idea when this band formed. Year is based on first release) 1983 - What Syndrome (Compilation) [Duff plays drums on this, Silly Killers also appear on this with Duff] -------- August '84 - Duff moves to L.A.
  14. AXL

    Wasn't HR formed directly after the last Rapidfire show? Izzy showed up at their last gig and he and Axl took off to form AXL, from my understanding.
  15. AXL

    When did Rose play under the name AXL? I remember reading that they played their first few shows under that name, but it's uncertain to my knowledge how many they played.