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  1. If they were going to realease music would they not do it before the next tour starts which is soon? If so not much time unfortunately.
  2. We in the UK had a 3000 capacity live music concert last night, no need for masks or self distancing just a covid test beforehand and a few days later. It was an 'experiment' to see how it goes.
  3. Wow the work you are putting into this is just extrodinary! Such an interesting read especially as the board is pretty void of posts at the moment. Thankyou for your hard work it is extremely appreciated.
  4. I am assuming you all have perfect mental health and none of your family or friends suffer with mental health issues because if this was the case there would be more empathy here. Maybe I am taking all too seriously
  5. Above questionnaire = Ignore Axl's mental health as long as he produces music even though this may mean an eroding of his 'self'. OK....
  6. Definitely peace of mind, it would be selfish to think otherwise.
  7. I agree, this band just gets stronger stronger...
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