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  1. Just reading back to the archives and finding the same 'is there is there not going to be a new album' threads. Apart from that I KNOW nothing just simply surmising from observation. I sincerely hope I am wrong. Sorry if I have offended you not intended.
  2. Happy birthday Appetite, made me realise I was not just an Indie girl
  3. There is no new album/music, for years folk have been making up stories as to how and when new music will be released (look in the archives). What we are getting now is it, maybe another tour after this and then it will be goodbye. No criticism here just observation.
  4. All so confusing, I dont understand why one would not be proud of great achievement, but I am not there so cannot judge...just remain confused.
  5. What is it ith this constant hinting at something that never turns out to be of anything relevant or exciting. Gosh they must be laughing all the way to the bank listening to us all trying to guess at these things...
  6. $74.94 !!! Although it is pretty cool...
  7. I would definitately go and see them, I hope they come to the UK...
  8. They must be aware of this I dont get it. This is not rock n roll anymore and I just dont understand why they are subjecting 'Guns n Roses the most dangerous band in the world' to the decline of what once was something really great, they really must not care. I am perplexed, I hope I dont go on to treat any of my achievements in this way.
  9. Wow the legal complications as well as the psychological issures involved are astronomical. Once upon a time a group of lads just wanted to make music and then...
  10. I dont mind Duff and Slash doing other things I just wish they would do something with their own band.
  11. Am I the only one fed up with hearing about Slash and Duff's extracurricular musical activities while nothing seems to be coming from the GnR camp?
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