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  1. If they are not going to release anything I wish they would say and end all this frustrating specullation. It has decided that the touring of arenas will not happen until next fall/autumn maybe not until 2022, there is so much to deal with from insurance, mass cleaning etc it is going to be very expensive for bands, I wonder if, as a conseuence,, they decide to call it a day.
  2. it is a podcast 'The Music Biz Weekly Podcast.com' fascinating stuff.
  3. I am just listening to radio programme involving an agent who went to an annual music industry event (virtual this year). They decided that all arena gigs will not be touring until FALL/AUTUMN of next year, definately not spring or summer. Smaller festivals may be sooner but many are cancelling. Everything is working on the premise of being 'hopeful' but....
  4. I came across an excerpt of a radio interview with Sebastian (with Trunk or Stern cant remember) where he says Axl used to talk at length about the difficulties of being a 'rock star' and Sebs response was well you knew what was going to happen and seemed quite cross. Does anybody remember this?
  5. Yes I am looking forward to the selects, after all there is nothing else.
  6. Thanks ffor the information, it is good to know it was not Slash laughing at Axl, mind it is the first time I have noticed how badly Ashba can play..
  7. I have just come across a vid on youtube about 4 mins long of Slash laughing while watching Axl on youtube singing badly, Ashba (sic) is playing. It seems very cruel to me and I was shocked to see this, what do you all think? It would have been around 2010 I think.
  8. I watched the last Guns concert in Argentina 93 and found it to be quite emotional knowing it was to be their last and Axl would not be seen or heard of as he was that night ever again. The crowd are going crazy, the adulation exploding through the roof. How tragic indeed and frustrating. At this point Axl said he wanted to bury Appetite and create something different well the irony is, 40 years on and he is still singing the same old over and over and not very much new has been created. I wonder how he feels about it all.
  9. This year is all I have known of GnR and so any music, interviews etc is retrospective. I dont particularly enjoy the present incarnation due to Axls voice which is terribly sad. After the initial excitement of finding this band I came to realise my enjoyment would have to be all retrospective as their silence speaks volumes. It looks as though there is nothing else in the GnR pot and with the pandemic ending concerts for a while it may be they who 'let go' of us.
  10. |Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon died 25 yrs ago, RIP
  11. Just wondering what you are doing here when there is nothing you like about GnR, seems rather strangee. Anyway I think what you are saying is a load of crap...'doesnt flow'...out of place'...nothing to open the show with and the rest. What planet have you been living on and most bizarley what are you doing here?
  12. There is no need to 'let go' as long there is a crumb of joy left, in this caronavirus world we need all we can get.
  13. Maybe Axl is just tired of it all, it happens to many people reaching retirement age, they spend a lifetime giving their all and get to a stage where there is nothing left. Nobody to blame it is just the way it is. With the pandemic and its consequences he may decide to to retire.
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