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  1. Its not looking good here in the UK, high death rate with no easing of lockdown on the horizon. It looks like 2022.
  2. I take it from reading past posts that Axl is not seen nor heard of between tours, I assume this is the case now? I just wonder if, a fter so long away due to covid, will he want to come back, how will his voice and physical fitness be...
  3. Nothing is 'meaningles' and as Legendador says, its just a bit of empathy for somebodies suffering, somebody who we have heard of through Axl so there is some relevance here. I just cannot imagine how one copes with the loss of a child.
  4. GREAT RELIEF! All around the world...TRUMP IS OUT! We can sleep at night. The great thing is President Biden is going to change many of Trump's toxic policies such as climate change, Iran, Covid etc I wonder if Axl acknowledge the inaugeration, maybe it will be a spur to some music
  5. Just listened to Axl singing Sailing in 2006, out of this world, almost made me cry at how amazing a singer he was. Did Rod Steward sing with him does anybody know and is this the only time he sang it? Also is it on CD?
  6. Where I come from (north of UK) we call a spade a spade. But if I was harsh I do apologise, no harm meant just an opinion.
  7. We seem to have similar thoughts as me on this subject which is great as I come across so many who would 'throw away the key'. In the UK we abolished the death penalty in 1966, but polls have been done since that, unfortunately, show a change of mind. For those in favour take into account that an innocent people are executed as history shows.
  8. Not a hater hally, just speaking my mind as she seems to be 'stuck' in this experience...
  9. Many cases also , through the hardwork of the Innocence Project, many who have spent years on death row are now free.
  10. Sorry but I find this embarrassing, he was probably staring at you out of stalker fear, if it was anything else you would have been approached. Please get on with your life as you deserve to.
  11. The first women since 1953 was killed by US state today even though a judge had pronounced her too meantally ill to undersand what was going on, this was done under the wishes of Trump. The folk involved should hang their heads in shame but the wont, the County Sheriff of Indiana has just given his worldly and educated opinion, something along the lines of 'she was really the devil come down blah blah'. I find it is the most reigious in the US who have this need for blood lust and eye for an eye, just sad. I have campaigned for the end of the death penalty in the US, mainly texas, and have
  12. You have to make your own mistakes to learn something.
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