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  1. I am assuming you all have perfect mental health and none of your family or friends suffer with mental health issues because if this was the case there would be more empathy here. Maybe I am taking all too seriously
  2. Above questionnaire = Ignore Axl's mental health as long as he produces music even though this may mean an eroding of his 'self'. OK....
  3. Definitely peace of mind, it would be selfish to think otherwise.
  4. I agree, this band just gets stronger stronger...
  5. Fred and the Flinstones with Sebastian as Barny Rubble, Beta as Wilma and Lana del Ray as Betty, Slash as Dino and Duff as Bam Bam. Fred wants to start a rock group called 'Rocks and Roses' but Barney is unsure ...
  6. This selection was such a gem compared to the other selects. They really had it going on in 2016 then. Axl is more confident, moves less dad like and they are enjoying themselves and each other. Oh and I know this may be irelevant to some but Axl has a bit of his sexiness back! As a newish fan I have not attended a concert and was not going to bother going to next years shows but now, after seeing this, I may well change my mind.
  7. RIP Prince Phillip, end of an era as alferose said. I do feel sympathy for the Queen as her husband of 73 years has passed.
  8. I laughed and felt incredibly sad at the same time, I hope to god he sounds ok next year or there will be more of this kind of thing. What happened, he was such a shining star in his prime, I hope he is happy.
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