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  1. Do you think Axl and Slash were more than friends back in the day?
  2. Or to eat as many pies as possible (his up yours to all his fat shamers I think)
  3. I LOVE THIS Axl is such a cooll dude helping to solve the crime and I just love his high fives at the begining. I havent watched Scooby in years but I shall be watching this. It is so good to know he does other stuff and this would certainly not get in the way of music if there is any.
  4. As an animated character he can be who he wants to be, the Scooby character looks nothing like him.
  5. It seems that there is a distinct possibility that every adult in the UK will have been vaccinated by the end of July, the way things are going it will happen, amazing, we have so many people to thank for this ithe army, our brilliant NHS, civil service and the UK population who have helped to organise such a huge undertaking.. So we may have some sort of life music at the end of the year...fingers crossed.
  6. I have seen no evidence of a new album, when Slash talks about writing music for Alt bridge he sounds really excited and then he adds a line on the end saying...'I HAVE to do something for GNR' with no enthusiasm whatsoeverr. Says it all really.
  7. 'Now that Guns n Roses ...I HAVE to do that' Sounds really enthusiastic
  8. Axl and DJ seemed to have genuine chemistry, it was good to see , what is wrong in that. It doesnt take away from his 'bond' with Slash, whatever that may be now.
  9. Sad, is if nobody within the realm of Guns n Roses gives a damn anymore. It feels like the end of a party, a couple of bottles of half drunk beer, one record over and over again, a dude flaked out under the sofa and the promise of a disturbed kip...oh and some hope that that guy you were trying to get off with may come back but probably not.
  10. A distastful little man, what radio station gave him time to spout of such hateful and reactionary piffle.
  11. Is the General still around? How does one access leaks etc?
  12. No I dont want to know who he is but what did he do to change lives?
  13. Please tell me, who is the Chirman? He is obviously well admired.
  14. I am really looking forward to this, it is just what we need, thanks Marc. I dont understand why the band dont want to celebrate their acheivments, I dont get it.
  15. I agree, even though the situation here in the UK looks promising (for today anyway) there wont be any concerts this year. By the way I dont think we will ever get back to what was 'normal', this is not going to go away ever.
  16. I dont ssee this place as negative (not sure where you gleened that from) and I have seen other other sites.
  17. Thought this was a happy birthday Axl thread....
  18. Happy Birthday Axl, have a lovely day
  19. Happy birthday to the best bass player ever
  20. I thought this was from you to me at first! I can see Axl and mates can well look after themselves...
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