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  1. It is so obvious there is going to be no new album or no new anything. Just look at the historical posts, exactly the same things were being said and the same frustration being felt. I think Axl has no interest at all in music anymore, actually it makes me wonder if this will be the last tour, maybe that is why he seemed so happy at the last shows! He has other priorities now and Slash and Duff have there own projects.
  2. I imagine Axl goes his way and the others go their way when a tour ends and then Axl gets on with his life which probably does not include music or anybody associated with it any more. He has most likely found a way to to find some peace which does not, unfortunately, include music. Why did he fall out with Buckethead?
  3. Yea I have the same problem with Mick...its Instagram after Instagram
  4. Just my opinion as you have yours. I also did not say a lot of what you areaccusing me of such as nobody here has respect or are lesser fans, these are not my thoughts at all and am sorry that is what you took from it. All I am saying is I think GnR are thought of as more than just a kilt etc.
  5. I dont agree at all that GnR are 'just a kilt etc'. The people I speak too (all ages) see them as a legendry hard rock band, I am not sure where you get your info from but their reputation is well and truly cemented in the annals of great rock n roll. I am really surprised that someone on the forum would hold this point of view, it seems folk who dont use the forums have more respect for the band.
  6. Hardskool was played on one of our main radio stations in the UK last night
  7. Should I buy my tickets now (expensive) or wait until closer to the time. Thanks.
  8. This is just plain embarassing, I dont think anything would make all of you whingers happy. Did you watch the streams, the audience were enjoying every minute. And Slash and Duff are not puppy dogs, they are two confident grown men who. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes it is justl all conjecture on your part. Get a life.
  9. Axl, the band and management have really worked hard, obviously, and it shows!
  10. Every single post complaining about something...no pleasing some folk.
  11. I really appreciate his communicating how he was feeling, I hope he is feeling better.
  12. Disappointing, maybe they have bad memories of this time and dont want to go there.
  13. I am confused. I have been reading how great the shows are, Axl is happy and enjoying himself and Slash is at the top of his game. Now I am reading negative comments because they have not played one particular song...really!
  14. Wow Axl does seem to be his old mischevious self
  15. All New Show was advertised then they seemed to drop it during the pandemic, most bafflingd.
  16. I am not into Country he just sounded good on Witchita. Also just calling out when things are good...
  17. I have just watched a clip of Axl singing Witchita and was blown away. If I looked away I could imagine it was the young Axl singingd. I was in two minds on whether to go and see them in the UK next year but with all the positive comments regarding recent concerts I shall definitely be going. Has anybody else changed their mind?
  18. You Cant Always Get What You Want Satisfaction (cant get no)
  19. Did Axl seem happy with DJs' playing? By the way I really like Lets Dance, it works really well.
  20. The singer in Stevens band is just stunning, I dont think he has been in the band for that long.
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