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  1. To put it another way vocals were better than I expected. Gosh he must have really done some damage singing AC\DC and the reunion in the same year, like running 5 marathons consecutively...
  2. Thanks for the selects they are fabulous, great vocals and killer Slash solos'
  3. Gosh you are all clinging to small bits and pieces of nothing at all concrete. There is not going to ba an album of new musicreadon this forum to 2014 and you will find the same conversations an, guesses and nothing appeared. I wish they would just come out and say there is no album but I suppose this could lose them some fans.
  4. I am sure Axl does not have the time to contribute or think about new music with these terrible fires along with the rampant coravirus in California. It must be hell like, my thoughts are with everybody there.
  5. Thinking about it Axl probably does have some music theory as he learnt to play the piano at a young age.
  6. So you think the folk I have posited could have 'done a bit better' if they had had some music theory? Would you believe it, I am watching an interview with Jarvis Cocker and Paul McCartney and Paul is talking about not having ever studied music theory!
  7. Reading about Axl's background I woud guess he has not stuidied music theory. More musicians who have also not been educated thus: Elvis Jimi Hendrix Neil Youung Tommy Lommi BB King (deliberately disregarded theory) Flea Paul Mcartney Dave Navarro Like Axl produced/played great music.
  8. Did he need too? Sometimes I think a scholarly understanding of a subject can actually strangle creativity.
  9. In the awful event concerts have to be cancelled next year due to coravirus do you think there will be enough people wanting to see them 2022, especially as they dont release music or interview inbetween?
  10. I dont quite understand, Europe and N America have been rescheduled but not S America, why would that be?
  11. Would he tell a girl he is about to flirt with he has a wife? Goodness knows, its kind of interesting from a sociological point
  12. You have been here a lot longer than me so I shall take your word for it and hope for new music
  13. I really have to commend you all on your optimism. Once again they have not contributed to a record and most others have, once again. If I were you anything that is not written/said by Axl take it as an untruth. I dont know what the name or the point of their game is, manybe they need everyone to become bored with them to frighten them into doing something. Tis sad and sooooo frustrating. Why do you think an album is in the works, what is it you see?
  14. There is nothing in the utterences of GnR & co that makes me believe there will ever be new music
  15. Matt saw an opportunity to become involved with GnR and took it, good on him. Its also quite funny
  16. I see, thats why these things are prolifirating ten to the dozen...think I will cross the road on these
  17. Another listen and reaction, these two must be around eighteen years old. They are listening to Estranged and are absolutely getting off on it and love the vidio. They have listened to other GnR and say it is their favourite band ever! Guns still appeals to younger generation big time, which makes me think their touring is not a nostaligic tour as some think due to their music and personnalities being still relevant today. |
  18. I actually prefer the old stuff I just wanted to be positive to help make sure we get some more as surely its better than nothing at the moment...
  19. When the show ends keep watching as he comes back to listen to original coma...
  20. He one of those that listens to music he has never heard before. Here he is checking out Guns latest selects from Mexico City and Houston....interesting.
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