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  1. well, you know what to do. I actually envy you. you're able to buy a handmade product like that. I bought mine from a dodgy street seller (still quality though). I love handmade stuff, more and more. like that spade I bought earlier. it's my proud and joy, and my personal fitness attribute. I don't need amphetamines, I have a spade. you're a lucky man, soon. you have animals around you, I have two decorative chickens made of stone in my garden. If I want to see my chickens, I need to go to the neighbours. it seems, you're the left version of me. I believe, you could teach m
  2. yeah take a leather one. but respect the animal that gave it to you (I'm sure you would). it'll provide you with comfort, for a lifetime. also, if it rains, it's kind of waterproof. sunshine or rain, it won't matter to your, as you soldier on doing your thing.
  3. I only own one hat, and I used it sunshine or rain. it has accompanied me on concert festivals, on the field of my dad, etc. It still has white paint marks on it from when I built my garden cabin. it provides me protection from the elements, and a feeling of comfort and safety.
  4. there was a piece at the attic of my sister's ex, a piece in my brother's apartment and a piece on my sister's apartment. you don't really know you missed this until you got it back. Now, only thing left is a dossier cupboard that's with my mum. I'll buy her a new one. it belongs to me, it's rightful owner. are you me? when I work in the garden I always wear my cowboy hat too!
  5. in june I got rid of an antique desk that I bought for reasons, and replaced it with my trusty cheap desk that I sat behind, for hours, days and years, from high school to beyond. I couldn't be happier having my old desk back, that was with me on my epic quest for knowledge and whisdom (the results can be witnessed on here daily), and I'm never getting rid of it again.
  6. also, the aim of the media is to adultify children, while taking adults for children
  7. what the evolution of news footage and comments of experts strikingly shows (luckily, preserved by youtube), is how the news is aimed at the feeble of mind, who need other people to make up their own opinion. the feeble of mind have a very short memory span, which is ideal since the message on the news shifts constantly. I like to believe that the aim of the news is to give people hope, but I suspect the reality is, they want to make feeble minded people even more stupid.
  8. luckily there is youtube to archive news footage, because most people don't have a memory span of more than 5 minutes
  9. we have always been at war with eurazia. war is peace. freedom is slavery. diversity is strenght.
  10. lmfao english version: and they wonder why the dumb mass is confused and questioning wether masks help or not.
  11. I've got a lot of sheep movies, on CD-RAM
  12. who you calling a foreigner, you tourist? go pay some european taxes and eat some fried fish and chips, you plonker diet dodger!
  13. that the reason people were stocking up on toiletpaper? all this time, they knew. just a pity, that the thousands of health workers didn't have the same brilliant idea
  14. no hating or toiletpaper is that so, though? what if I told you, I smear mustard under my nose to kill the viruses? Would that make me more of an imbecile than those who were a thin cloth?
  15. if personal safety means aren't made from the correct materials, then it's quackery. there's no difference with wiping snake oil under your nose. would you ride a motorcycle wearing a helmet made of cotton? No? so why would you use a cotton cloth to protect against deadly viruses? If you want to wear a mask, then wear a good one, or don't wear one at all in stead of dressing up like a fool
  16. everytime I start playing, I must have a bowl of stew first or I'm not doing any robberies
  17. it's still England. there is a lot of traffic of people on the island. then we have sweden, somewhere near the polar circle, with vast forests and lakes. It just isn't comparable to say france, england, germany, the US. There is obviously less opportunity in Sweden, for the virus to spread, by mere positioning of the country I just think it's a bit easy to attribute to better numbers in sweden to "taking the virus more seriously". I mean come on. it's sweden. lol, bit rich to blame me for not doing my part. I was litterally, to my knowledge, and to my great misfortune, the fi
  18. low population density means lower infection rates. higher population means higher rates. You can stop the analysis there. Taking things serious or not, wearing toilet paper on your mouth or not, is just misplaced anthropocentrism. the virus doesn't care if you take things serious or not. I guess it's in human nature to believe you can influence infection rates with house and kitchen measures like wearing a think cotton cloth on your face. "it does make a difference" is really nonsensical. try to break out asbestos with a paper mask. yeah, it's also better than nothing, but the conce
  19. looks like the stew from red dead redemption 2 it's best cooked in a cauldron
  20. it won't be long before exposing your nose will provoke the same reaction as exposing your dick
  21. washday tomorrow. nothing clean right
  22. no one is wearing a face mask these days, at least I don't see it. people are wearing toiletpaper and handkerchiefs, yes, but no face masks. it's like building your own lamborghini out of cardboard and trying to impress the birds (rain could spoil the illusion somewhat) I'm not a face mask denier. Face masks DO help, but only if you use the correct one (FFP2: cumbersome, hard to breathe in and extremely limited availability). But the "things" people are wearing are NOT face masks, and these absolutely do not help against infection. They have injected a certain level of arrogance
  23. shit is hitting the fan in europe. stay well, everyone. Corona is a fucking bitch.
  24. there's a new insult invented: "face mask denier" if you belong to the category that rejects face masks, you're classed as the lowest of the lowest, barely above the level of idiotic. you're suspected of being a trump supporter, and a retarded right winger. even though the common face mask isn't above the quality of two - layer toilet paper, it doesn't matter. As usual, there is absolutely no room for debate. the right face mask, the FFP2 (let alone FFP3) category, is worn by litterally no one. Everyone wears glorified handkerchiefs and believes this makes them safe. even i
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