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  1. No and they shouldn't, not until Axl gets surgery or has major vocal retraining
  2. Dust N' Bones, Paradise City, You're Crazy, seem to shine on the record. The playing seems to be great, and I don't realllly mind overdubbed vocals.. but not 7 years later when it's really noticeable.
  3. '91-'93 proshots, songs like Perfect Crime, Dust N' Bones, The Garden, Right Next Door To Hell, Don't Cry (alt) with official proshots. CD stuff is definitely worth considering, lots of material and wasted potential; but to me the UYI records had even more potential. The killer tracks got watered down by bad production. Locomotive, Coma, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden, Civil War, were oversaturated with sound effects, extra dubbed vocals, and bad mixing.
  4. Get Axl in shape and have the polyps and calluses removed from his vocal chords; and get the damn man a singing coach..
  5. It is, but it's interesting; the way people reacted back then, especially during the height of MTV, people were so much more reactive and cognizant of new acts people were. And also shows how huge GN'R was. They truly did rule the world of music for a little while, they were the last great American band
  6. It's interesting how everyone was chomping at the bit to get new Guns stuff and we're dying to hear anything new, or for them to tour, and here we are with 15 song after 29 years
  7. I've always assumed that OIAM is a frame song, that Axl is conveying how someone may feel and act; not his emotions or feelings. But his responses and defense of the song seemed to not support that. Making the song something of a mystery.
  8. I've grown to more than appreciate the record, I've had this theory--especially after the village sessions leaked--that if Axl released CD as a solo record, and dropped the GN'R name for it, he would've had more control and a green light from the label. I'm not one of those people that thinks it's dumb for a band to continue in that manner (with only a sole original member) but I just think such high expectations don't mix well with wanting to create such an experimental new sound for a band
  9. Perfect crime is probably my favorite opener, but that's not going to happen, maybe Pretty Tied Up?
  10. Axl pretty much is to blame for the majority of bad shit to happen to GN'R, not that a lot of fans of would deny anything like that. But, frankly if Axl didn't have the rights signed over to him, for the name, in the '90s and the band dissolved in 1996, the future probably would've been a lot brighter for GN'R. I think that Axl would've had a much much better opportunity to release CD as a solo record--a true solo record. With the Guns name attached to it, the village sessions and experimental second album were pretty much never going to get off the ground the way Axl wanted. Hell if everyone else got a record out, no problem, why couldn't Axl? Because he still had GN'R as the brand. The expectations were always going to be too high with the name. Gilby, Izzy, Duff, Slash, Snakepit, VR, all put out records before CD. The studio probably kept pushing for CD to get rushed out around the mid 2000's to try and speed the process up for a reunion, once they realized it wasn't going to happen early on. The 2008 release definitely isn't what Axl had envisioned, that died in the late '90s. We got a late reunion, after 2 disastrous GN'R tours, Axl had blown his voice out and not taken care of himself, not consistently trying to preserve or get better as a singer. This isn't a bad thing.. it's his life, I hope he's found happiness. But really everything would've been better if Axl had his shit together, and maybe if they had a competent management group
  11. Best scenario we get 1 more record.. that's it; live material wise, we may never get anything. Realistically, people must act accordingly
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