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  1. RIP. Night Songs and Long Cold Winter great albums!
  2. I would like to see them bring back Bad Obsession in addition to Dust N Bones and then they could confuse the general audience by playing Don't Cry alt version.
  3. Axl Rose did go solo for about 20 years, but used the GNR name.
  4. 1. November Rain 2. Paradise City 3. Sweet Child O'Mine 4. Patience 5. Don't Cry 6. Estranged 7. Welcome to the Jungle For the live stuff I watch Live At the Ritz, Tokyo 92, and Freddie Mercury Tribute show - those are the ones I watch the most
  5. As everyone here knows, the Illusions are turning 30 this year. Will the band go heavy on the Illusion songs for this tour? Or will they play some songs that aren't usually played? What unlikely song would you want to hear? --I'm going with Dust N Bones because that means Izzy is back!----
  6. tickets are not selling well for this, even in the arenas. look for Groupon soon!
  7. I'm only going to this show because I am taking my teenage son to it as his first gnr show. Otherwise, mostly due to price, I probably wouldn't be going. This will probably be the last time I go to a gnr show. UNLESS, the original 5 reunite.
  8. There won't be any new music. But can we get the reunion we've all been waiting for.....Melissa out and Tracy/Roberta in!
  9. Got my tix for Portland. It's been a long time since (the real) GNR came to P town. Usually Seattle.
  10. Looks like they woke up to reality and scaled down to arenas for many of the shows. Good news for me is that the Seattle show got cancelled, and now they are playing Portland, OR which is much closer to me!
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