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  1. They gave us the (semi) reunion. That was great but now it probably is time for them and us to move on.
  2. RIP Eddie Van Halen. One of the greatest of all-time. Very Sad. I kinda saw this coming. He is on my list.
  3. When you gotta go.....you gotta go! https://ultimateclassicrock.com/izzy-stradlin-pees-on-plane/
  4. I got a refund from my credit card company as I filed a chargeback on the purchase. TM finally sent a refund to me officially on the 14th August.
  5. Use Your Illusions 1991 Axl came out with a new album in 2008 I think with fake gnr. 17 years..... So next album coming in 2025
  6. I am pleased to say that I actually got my refund already. Hopefully GNR will come to town again in the next few years. Otherwise, I've seen them 5 times, not to mention VR and Slash solo, so if that's it -that's all folks!
  7. I too got a refund email just before midnight last night. Now I got an email an hour ago that Seattle is cancelled. See u at the amphitheatre in 2022!
  8. I just attempted to live chat with TM regarding my tix. This message popped up and they auto-ended my chat session. So how the hell does this jive with the email they sent a week ago saying new dates today, refunds available today?!?!?!?!? 2:54 PM Thanks for reaching out about your event. Your event has been postponed. The event organizer is still trying to reschedule your event; if they do, your tickets will remain good for the rescheduled date. Hang on to your tickets - we will email you as soon as the new date is announced. Please note that your even
  9. I already filed a chargeback for my credit card and I am waiting for response. TM cannot be counted on to do this right.
  10. So, today is 7/27 and of course no email from ticketbastard or Live Nation.
  11. I agree! A ticketmaster/live nation bankrupt/breakup would be great for ticket buyers around the world in the long run. No more monopoly!
  12. An unexpected delay? They just do whatever they want and change the policy that is stated on the Live Nation website. All the more reason to get a refund ASAP before they alter the deal any further.
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