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  1. There's the new album for y'all. 2 CD leftovers with Slash and Duff playing on them. 2 live versions of older songs. Enjoy!
  2. it's a mediocre song. I mean, be honest, this is no paradisce city, night train, jungle, etc etc etc.
  3. Axl chose not to attend the RnR hall of fame. Izzy didn't go. Dizzy went along with Axl cause he signs the paychecks. It isn't the first time a guest singer appeared with a band at Rnr hall of fame, won't be the last.
  4. Won't happen. But Myles is a superior singer to Axl in this era. Obviously Axl in his prime was the best, but right now Myles is better. If it did happen, it would help Axl's weak voice.
  5. yes that's probably the worst. but really every gnr show that involved a buckethead, 3 guitarists doing covers of slash and izzy, and most certainly anything with dj asshat are the worst. all nu guns era basically.
  6. Duff is a Seahawks fan but cool that the Raiders did this. I guess fortus, frank, dizzy are in the visitors locker room or just changing in a public bathroom
  7. This is the case of a guy who feels like he deserves a payday.
  8. I was just at the Portland show. Axl was very much at ease and seemed happy. The band seems like a tighter unit now compared to 2016. It was great!
  9. Congrats on getting the whistle. What a great show last night.
  10. Great show! Axl best performance that I've seen since the 90's of the shows I've been to. Slash incredible as always! RnFnR!!!
  11. They just opened with pretty tied up Just kidding, they are setting up for GNR right now.
  12. Wolfie is playing his last song right now.
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