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  1. Happy Birthday Duff Rose the King of Beers McKagan!
  2. They will need to postpone until 2022. Not gonna happen this summer.
  3. I am happy that at least Axl, Slash, Duff got back together for a tour. But it probably should have been a one time farewell tour. Go out with a bang.
  4. Matt and his repetitive drum fills on the Illusions lol. Although that was Axl's idea. Matt was better in Velvet Revolver. Steven is/was/always will be the right drummer for GNR but he can't be counted on for mega tours. Frankly, Frank is mediocre but he's not the biggest GNR problem. That would be Axl's voice.
  5. New album with izzy included in the song writing and performing.
  6. Yup Connery was the best but Moore was great in his own way. Connery was also great as Henry Jones Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  7. They gave us the (semi) reunion. That was great but now it probably is time for them and us to move on.
  8. RIP Eddie Van Halen. One of the greatest of all-time. Very Sad. I kinda saw this coming. He is on my list.
  9. When you gotta go.....you gotta go! https://ultimateclassicrock.com/izzy-stradlin-pees-on-plane/
  10. I got a refund from my credit card company as I filed a chargeback on the purchase. TM finally sent a refund to me officially on the 14th August.
  11. Use Your Illusions 1991 Axl came out with a new album in 2008 I think with fake gnr. 17 years..... So next album coming in 2025
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