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  1. This seems fair. Though wait until the CD fanboys get whiff of this!!!
  2. You are right here 100%. But fuck it, give me an album ya ginger whinger! Haha!
  3. As much as I like Steven's drumming, he doesn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box! Seems to be very emotive driven. But speaks volumes that he wasn't involved more in the reunion. It's definitely not due to his lack of chops.
  4. Don't do anything crazy? You've just advocated giving Steven Adler a control of the name! Haha!
  5. Ah nice! I'm not a huge Crue fan other than the greatest hits, but I really like that album. In fact, I quite often like those 'black sheep of the family' albums. Huge fan of Deep Purple's Come Taste The Band and RHCP's One Hot Minute albums for example. I guess there will be some people who prefer Chinese Democracy over every other GNR album? Possibly even somebody who doesn't like the original era of the band, but loves CD? These people clearly should be sectioned, but I'm sure they will exist!
  6. I get what you're saying. Though I must confess I really like the MC94 album! Power To The Music is a banger! That should get a bite! Haha!
  7. 2008 to 2022... FFS! In that time, we could've staged two editions of the Second World War and a bit!
  8. Which is also he length of time it takes for him to record and release an album! Personally, I think he will manage to squeeze out some kind or product before he retires. In what format or under whichever banner is open to question right enough. But we are getting close to the final curtain call soon like. The past few years have proven that.
  9. Aaaaah yes okay I get what you're saying. Especially on the narrative point! I've long felt something similar there! I think time and lack of output has almost completely put that to bed now though. When I was a youngster I used to go on Jarmo's site quite a lot and that 'evil genius behind the curtain with the devillish master plan to end all plans' vibe certainly existed there. Capability is an interesting point. I think the problem there is less about his perceived talent by fans and possibly more about his own belief in that talent. Purely speculative of course but 1 album in almost
  10. At the very least, Axl is (or at least was) a very talented singer in his heyday. I don't think anybody can dispute that (though appreciate his voice may not be to everybody's taste). He had a helluva set of pipes on him! Also, some of his lyrics are really good, and I think he is underrated in that department (albeit he has a few clangers in his catalogue too!) Was an unreal frontman (at times) too when he wasn't turning up late, causing riots, walking off stage, or going on crazy self indulgent monologues! But we also gotta be honest... he hasn't helped himself. At all. And has made some tr
  11. I cannot argue with this statement at all. 100% agree.
  12. Hahaha! Aye! It really was a headscratcher. GNR had disappeared off the face of the planet, Velvet Revolver was live, and here arrives Axl with cornrows, in an oversized NFL shirt, a bollock load of botox, and generally looking like a completely different person from his last public sighting. But not to be outdone, he had a dude in the band wearing a yellow rain jacket, a Michael Myres mask, and an upside down KFC bucket on his head, and another looking he should be in Marilyn Manson! Had that 2002 VMA performance been any good, the general public may have gotten behind the new band. But it wa
  13. I'm assuming the backing singing is supposed to mimick Duff and to be fair, it is quite funny too!!!
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