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  1. The crowd would absolutely lap it up! I know people have bad reactions to bands using pre-recorded vocal tracks, but I think even the most sinister of humans would appreciate Buckethead tracks recorded in 2002 being played live along with today's current band. I can't see this being badly received at all.
  2. Presumably with Buckethead and Robin's parts retained and played as backing tracks, aye?!!!
  3. I'd be keen for them to play Locomotive, Think About You, You're Crazy, and Dust N Bones from the back catalogue, a Velvet Revolver cover, with two new originals from this lineup as well. None of your Atlas Shrugged or any o' that bollocks! Give me two solid rockers wae some pumping riffs, banging bass lines and a couple o' yeha screams!
  4. I have long craved a GNR instrumental version of Johnny B. Goode! The inclusion of that track alone would pump the album to top spot on any self respecting chart! But in all seriousness a sequel to The Spaghetti Incident at this point would be nothing short of a joke.
  5. There comes a point when ya just stop caring though. In so much as the moment has passed for the band to release an album and somewhat legitimise the lineup.
  6. They have a decent few albums. And crucially, they have a singer who can still deliver the goods live.
  7. You boys are pushing me towards Maiden this weekend big time! I've always been more a fan of the Di Anno albums but have been meaning to check out Book of Souls again. What were your thoughts on the last Priest album?
  8. Yes, one often hears of the plethora of bands releasing successful triple albums these days which gives me real hope that you're right! An overlooked format the triple album.
  9. Not just easier to buy a few Buckethead albums?! There's plenty to choose from. He literally played on a handful of CD tracks and was in GNR for 2 or 3 years. And there's boys creaming their pants over the collaboration! 😂😂
  10. Thanks for picking this up for me pal. Was aware it had been a few pages since somebody had made mention of a multi disc release. In an age where physical sales are really low. And most bands have reverted back to a standard 40 minute length album. But I think we are all in total agreement on this point that GNR would buck that trend. Personally I favour a quintuple album as they are generally really really good value for money.
  11. To answer my own question, if there's nothing forthcoming this year in terms of either a song performed live or released as a single, or some form of proper confirmation that an album exists, then I don't see it ever happening. Realistically they are past their peak now, and as we've seen from many many many other nostalgia rock bands, it's all too easy to ride that donkey into oblivion!
  12. Serious question: what's the general view amongst fans here now... will GNR drop an album this year?
  13. Where would I find find yo-yos?! Asking for a friend.
  14. The same Dead Daisies who played Wacken a few years ago? Or just released an album with Glenn Hughes? C'mon man, they are hardly beginners.
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