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  1. This may sound like blasphemy but I hope Axl touches up any vocals on the live songs that need a little massaging Just the Mickey parts of course....
  2. I really love this song. For some reason the mix sounds perfect in my car which has an excellent sound system and on my sound bar ( I know ... sound bar) which also has great sound. Has anyone seen a 24bit version around? I just saw a 16bit Flac for sale unlike Absurd which has a 24 bit. I'm going to give Hard Skool a listen tonight on my highest quality sound system for more comparison.
  3. Well apparently I'm too stupid to get a VPN to work so I'll be reading this thread and waiting with bated breath until midnight.
  4. Comes up now in Spotify via the link but the play button is non-operational.
  5. Add me to the list of Nightrain seekers. I have actively tried to find it when travelling on vacation in the US and also when visiting some islands in the Caribbean when on vacation. I want one to drink for myself and one to go with my GnR collection.
  6. Great work! I wish I had that level of skill and talent!
  7. What was the name of it? I would love to check it out.
  8. Listening to Duff's "Three cords and the Truth" the other day he was speaking about having nothing to do during covid. He mentioned that he can't tour and perform so instead he goes to the studio everyday. I remember he then said "we" go to the studio 5 days a week which I thought was interesting. Hope the we is GnR but it could be anyone and it could be a home studio... Still could be.... All pure conjecture but that is what most of this thread is so why now jump in and have some fun?
  9. Mind if I ask which bootleg it’s on? I’ve only heard an audience version where the sound is pretty blown out.
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