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  1. Great work! I wish I had that level of skill and talent!
  2. What was the name of it? I would love to check it out.
  3. Listening to Duff's "Three cords and the Truth" the other day he was speaking about having nothing to do during covid. He mentioned that he can't tour and perform so instead he goes to the studio everyday. I remember he then said "we" go to the studio 5 days a week which I thought was interesting. Hope the we is GnR but it could be anyone and it could be a home studio... Still could be.... All pure conjecture but that is what most of this thread is so why now jump in and have some fun?
  4. I'm even more optimistic than you.... it's going to be a triple album!!!!!
  5. Mind if I ask which bootleg it’s on? I’ve only heard an audience version where the sound is pretty blown out.
  6. It Tastes Good Don’t It (full version not Rocket Queen Jam) soundboard or studio
  7. A collection of all the songs Axl covered on the piano like Dust in the Wind.
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