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  1. So I finally had the chance to listen to this on mono (as I’m 75% deaf) and I think overall it’s great. The middle section starts good but there are 15 seconds or so there that aren’t quite right. If that bit wasn’t there, I’d almost put it there with YCBM. Mostly just glad for new material.
  2. Goddammit! I got BearVPN, set to New Zealand, pressed play and it rickrolled me with Sweet Child.
  3. No, I got banned notification and have no idea why. Now I can access *some* things.
  4. I like it, more so than some other cuts on Chinese, but not blown away by it. For me, it wouldn’t necessarily indicate the quality of the upcoming record. I recall Bad Apples being one of the first songs off of Illusions being played live before Estranged or Pretty Tied Up and I hated that song. I still hate it.
  5. I’m not sure how much I agree with this. November Rain has more views on YouTube than Sweet Child; recent popular internet polls listed Estranged as their best song.
  6. It is if you’re hoping to re-create a half-billion dollar tour. And I’m just stating a viewpoint, not something to get me through the day. The bassist’s wife said new music is coming and then a major pandemic occurs. if nothing happens, then sure I’ll be disappointed. But why would anyone who believes otherwise post in this specific thread other than to rain on someone else’s parade? Lots of people believed Chinese would never get released or Slash and Axl would ever play again. They were wrong.
  7. I posted two articles which stated Covid delayed releases. I named two bands off the top of my head who stated this year not being able to tour is causing them to hold off releasing new material. I’m not sure why there is any dispute on the pandemic causing delays on albums, tours or even new movies. Some choose to move forward to release something new; others choose to delay.
  8. The article specifically cites Covid as a reason. Don’t like that one? Here’s one which lists 32 bands:https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/a-list-of-albums-delayed-due-to-coronavirus__29162/ The point is it is a reasonable assumption the pandemic threw a wrench in whatever they were trying to plan.
  9. I think there’s enough evidence out there they were writing and recording new music with the hopes of releasing a new album and touring behind it. Then the pandemic hit and nobody is able to tour. Plenty of bands since the pandemic hit have straight up said they do not want to release new material and not be able to go out on tour to support it. Vaccines are finally being produced and distributed (my Dad, a senior, and my cousin, a first year resident, received theirs already.) It is not unreasonable to think bands will be able to start touring 4th quarter and release new music, including Guns. Leave it at that.
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