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  1. I don't care what anybody says: Axl Rose is still The Man. I'd pick a new album from him over a new album from any other band in the world.

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Gimme Public Image Limited any day.

  2. Stop being so close-minded and give my music a chance......but your music sucks ass, and you don't know anything about music. You are so close minded that you don't realize MY MUSIC is the best.

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    2. Apollo


      I just think it's hilarious that the people who most often criticize other's musical choices are also the ones who cry the most if somebody doesn't like what they do.

    3. Dan H.
    4. DR DOOM
  3. LOL, now I'm an Axl-hater and post the way I do because I want to be "cool" and "respected" by the cool kids on the forum.

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    2. Apollo


      Oh Tiny. I will just let your words speak for themselves.

    3. tinyrobot


      Ok Apollo. Weekend is around the corner, anyway!

      Can't wait for Saturday :)

    4. Strange Broue
  4. I am no longer Taking The Piss

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    2. RussTCB


      You guys having a row?

    3. Apollo


      Nosaj and I are going to meet in the school yard after fourth period and have a fist fight. I like Iron Maiden and he thinks Judas Priest is a better band. So we're going to settle it with our fists after English class.

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      You damn right, mate.

  5. I'm creating an Axl Rose Love/Hate app for cellphones. The app will inform people whenever somebody says something nice or negative about Axl. That way, you can instantly start your hate campaign against anybody in the world who says something negative about Axl or current GnR.

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    2. Cosmo


      You should put that in the app: a list of what's in and out in the Axl world. What you're supposed to love, like shirts with titties and random tweeting and what you're supposed to hate like Twisted Sister and working out.

    3. Apollo


      cosmo - don't forget DJ's finger tattoos that spell out "demented"..........how bad ass is that!!!

    4. Cosmo


      The only reason I haven't done that already is because I'm not a rockstar and I don't have my own demented clothing line, custom car or make-up kit.

  6. LOL.....the Grudge Patrol is out in full force today!!!

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    2. Sixes


      goddamn right

    3. Apollo


      I eat ketchup on everything. Fish, steak, lasagna........and always hot dogs.

    4. WFA


      Ketchup on steak? o.O

  7. Amazing how much more peaceful the forum is when you just Ignore the morons instead of trying to reason with them.

    1. maynard


      I do believe this forum has found a good balance right now. We just need something really cool to happen to unite people more. *cough* new album

    2. RussTCB


      That's my thing; if something... anything good happens, it will help quite a bit.

    3. Apollo


      No kidding. I think some of the extremists will chill out a bit if something positive actually happens in the GnR world.

  8. Sweet new forum change. If you worship Axl's every move, you have free reign to insult and make personal attacks on other forum members!!!

    1. Dariablue


      Yeah I'm pretty excited about it! Don't see any potential problems with that.

    2. Bobbo


      What makes ya say that?

    3. SunnyDRE


      Man, Apollo you already know how I feel about The Axl Rose Party..but the Attitude section was just wrong to the 10th degree. With section how could even remotely call this a "fan site".

  9. Pretty sad that Axl's management team can't treat die-hard fans with respect.

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    2. Bobbo


      Hell yeah groghan. Preach it!



      You're not a die hard fan, you're a whiney little baby, it has nothing to do with you.

    4. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      You've got to admire the level of devotion that Groghan dedicates to trolling day in, day out.

  10. you know what they say about girls that swear!!!!

  11. Just waiting to see how the show goes tonight. Full of new songs and big surprises. Or not!!!!

  12. You sound hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You sound hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Empty your mailbox for pete sakes

  15. ThomasMeadows is going to vegas if you need somebody to share a room with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ThomasMeadows is going to vegas if you need somebody to share a room with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. It really is a more enjoyable experience to come to the forum and chat with people, instead of all the fighting and personal attacks and all that immature crap. I'm starting to enjoy some of the posts from most of the people in the "heavily PRO Axl on everything he does" side.

  18. Not one "lolcano" in over a week!!!!!! Enjoying your posts!

  19. I miss our stripper and God arguments! Where all are you going in the U.S.?

  20. My bad. That was hard to read. THOUGH........since it was red....and Axl has red hair......Rabia will some how turn it into me bashing Axl!!!

  21. Your mailbox is full!!! How is one of your favorite posters supposed to send you a heart-felt loving message if you aren't receiving messages!!!

  22. Long time no chat, what's up big man?

  23. Somebody has a fan!!!!

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