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Iron Roses

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It's been up for like a month and no one has noticed. lol

might also mean no-one cares,

Yeah, why should anyone check the "latest news" on a GNR board... :rofl-lol:

It's not because nobody checks the news, it's because nobody in their right mind gives a shit about Steven Adler. :rofl-lol:

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I'd like to use this chance to say that the short form of "you are" is spelt "you're", not "your".

I'll keep going...

Definitely is definitely not spelled definately or any other way for that matter....

It's should/would/could have not s/c/w of, doesn't even make sense..

And for the yanks... it's aluminium,just because you can't pronounce it doesn't give you the right to officially dumb it down.

Consistency is a good thing in science, and in that case I guess you should call it plutonum, and uranum etc.

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