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John Lennon


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So, here it comes - one of the most depressing days of the year. :(

RIP John, you were one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever seen, too bad that madman piece of shit Chapman had to take you away from us, I'm sure you could have done a lot more for both music and society if you were still with us.

I'm going to celebrate your life today by playing Beatles and your solo-records the whole day, like I do every year on this day.

RIP, John Winston Lennon

9. October, 1940 - 8. December, 1980.


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My idol, my hero and the greatest musician to have ever lived. He was a brilliant song writer with the Beatles and on his own, yet he was such a funny guy. Nothing saddens me more than the thought of what John Lennon could of contributed to the world today, i'm going to wear my John Lennon t-shirt today which on the back says "give peace a chance".

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