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John5 - The Devil Knows My Name


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Now I have had this album ever since it was released but I never REALLY listened to it if you know what I mean, but I am now and have been for the last 40 minutes...and I've got to say it is really fucking awesome. Now I only enjoy a select few instrumental albums (quite a few Buckethead albums, he's also just got a thing about him :)), and sometimes it's a bit of an effort to get through them, partially because a lot of instrumental albums are just about showing off their chops and how fast they can go which always shows through and is mostly just crap. But this is really different and is just simply a really great album.

A great cover of WTTJ too. 

I could easily see myself bothering to listen to this with headphones when I'm not on the computer, which is a big feat for an instrumental album for me :). Anyone and everyone should check it out, it's good stuff. 

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