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Radio is OFF THE FUCKIN HOOK!!! thats some serious old school class right there, you caaant daannce :lol: i think he tried a little harder in the later days to be a fuckin G though...Tupac had some friction with the boy too apparently, not suprising, Tupac could start a fight in a room on his own, Phenomenon and G.O.A.T. were fuckin good albums too. its widely accepted that he won the whole him vs canibus thing which is odd because Bis really tore him a new one with 2nd Round Knockout.

i saw this documentary about Biggie and tupac, tupac was spitting at the paparazzi and saying how he just throws down 26 tracks in 48 hours and throws out the record. It was all about his time in drama school, how he was an actor first, and somewhat like Brando in his presence. Changes to me was one of the best songs of the 90s, not sure if it was hip hop but it was like a john lennon song or something

i dont have a tupac record but i have that one song and its just i dont know its so true

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