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Does anybody else think that this album is a masterpiece?

I bought their album the other day and i cannot stop listening to it, i was overly keen on 'More Than A Feeling' due to it's appearance in Scrubs; also whenever i'd go on holiday to Spain they'd be an advertisment on the television and it'd be some rock album of some kind. It had songs like Don't Fear The Reaper, I Don't Know Who You Are But You're A Real Dead Ringer For Love, Since You Been Gone and More Than A Feeling, i think the company or group that advertised these albums were timelife or something, does anybody else remember or are familiar with what i'm talking about?

I used to get Blue Oyster Cult and Boston mixed up for some reason, not sure why.

It's such a good album, i'd often get into arguements with a friend over Brad Delps voice, he could sing so high! Wasn't Boston one of the best selling albums from 1976 or have i been reading wrong?

What are your favourite tracks from the album? What are your least favourite tracks, is there a better Boston album than Boston?

I think Peace of Mind tops More Than A Feeling, the first five songs are like one big joyride; i've listened to the softer songs a few times but i'm not as keen on them at the moment.

Also is Tom Scholz a music machine, i've been reading a book about Boston and in there it says he played everything in the band on the album minus drums and vocals; it also mentions how much of a perfectionist he is and does anybody else think he looks like another version of Roger Waters.

A great album

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i grew up on that album.

i can't tell ya how many good memories that are tied-in with the sounds on that record.

me and my wife disagree on alot of music, but Boston, The Cars, Journey, and Cheap Trick are things we both grew up on.

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The first 5 songs are one of the best consecutive series of songs in an album ever. :heart: Used to listen to this band all the time when I was around 14, but haven't listened to them much lately. I should put one of their CD's on soon.

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