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GN'R Promo black denim jacket for sale

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Hey, so I have alot of jackets and what have you so I've decided I can part with this one. It is an original black denim jacket from the late 80's that was given out through the record company. The original embroidery(as in stitched into the jacket) is the little gn'r logo on the shoulder and the incredible job of the appetite cross on the back. I added the rest of them and will also give a few extra patches(pictured below) to anyone who buys it. It is a size large or so and is just an amazing jacket that deserves to go to someone who will wear it more. I have my appetite tour leather jacket, so I no longer need this one is what it comes down to. Anyhow, make me an offer, no stupid fuckin offers(no 25, 30 dollar bullshit), remember it's an original promo item and if you were to get an embroidery job done like that appetite cross on the back it would cost you a shit load, not to say I want a shitload, but fair offers only please...here are the pictures....











offers can be submitted through pm or direct email at jendellian_rock_soldier@yahoo.com

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Up for auction is a vintage promotional denim jacket from 19987/1988 that was given out by Geffen to promote Appetite For Destruction. The original jacket only had the embroidered logos on it which are the small gn'r circle logo on the left shoulder and the giant Appetite cross on the back. These two logos are EMBROIDERED, they are not patches, they are actually stitched into the jacket. There are other patches that have been added afterwards which are al seen, including the illusions patches and a patch of Axl's "Victory or Death" tattoo. The jacket fits like a large and is in excellent shape as it has not really been worn too often. The only reason I am selling it is because I have one of the leather jackets that were given out to the band and crew on the appetite tour so I feel I don't really need to have both of these. I will throw in some extra GN'R patches to whomever wins the auction as well. Don't miss out on this extremely rare jacket, you won't find one like it again, good luck. I will ship internationally, contact me for pricing. View detailed pictures of the jacket and embroidery below.

so I am guessing large size. This item will sell for far less than its worth.


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