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ZZ Top

Big Boy Sixxx

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ok I knew like one or two tracks of theirs before, I always thought they were ok but they never stood out for me.

until I saw them at Donington. There is like 3 of them on stage and its pretty simple stuff but what they do they do so fucking well. They really blew a lot of the other acts off stage that weekend by getting the basics bang on. like I said I only knew like two or three songs but I seriously couldnt turn away for the whole set. I was hooked. Alot of the other acts really could have learnt a lot.

So I went to see them again the other night at Wembley. And Ive got to to say I thought they were fuckin brilliant. Such a cool vibe going on and I tell you man, they still got it, I was seriously impressed.

I could watch Billy Gibbons play the blues all night, and thats something special. I bumped into him in June walking down High St Kensington, wish I'd got an autograph!

Any fans out there?

I cant get Pincushion out of my head!

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I saw ZZ Top at the Indy 500/Miller Lite Carb Day Concert Friday.

They kicked ass live. 40 yrs those 3 have been rock n' it out the same way.

It was fucking beautiful. Boobies everywhere (o)(o)


"my best friends' dad saw ZZ Top open for Led Zeppelin back in the early '70's. how cool would that have been?"

I never even dreamed of that combination but how fuck'n cool that must have been. wow!

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I love ZZ Top, but haven't been able to see them live yet. Almost saw them in '07 (With the Stray Cats of all bands!!!), but decided on a 4th Heaven And Hell show that year, always regretted it missing ZZ Top/Stray Cats, but now I'm really glad I went to Heaven And Hell again. In '08 I wanted to see them at the State Fair, but tickets were ridiculously over priced (Can't justify $110 on ZZ Top). And last year I was finally supposed to see them in Hershey with Aewrosmith, and the show got cancelled the day of, after I'd already driven 7 hours.

One of these days I'm going to see them live.

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