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Your favorite band...


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what are some of your favorite small, unknown bands or local bands?

mine are:

Off Kilter- Canadian Celtic hard rock with traditional inspirations... some great music. they play mostly at EPCOT and the Orlando-area.

Catfish Lane- Local band with very very young members that tours like hell and plays in dives... great music... from straight blues, to physchadelic hendrix-y stuff to classic rock to hard rock... the guitarist/vocalist is AMAZING.

Dave Thompson and the High Rollers- some great music... blues rock, a lot like George Thorogood. local.

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AFO - Local Punk band that I'm friends with. They wrote a cool song about my friend Thom that drowned almost 2 years ago. AFO's Website here.

Slaves of Society - Local metal band that just rocked. I went to the local regional campus of Kent State with their singer

Shockwave - Local Metal-core band.(They're from Erie, PA just 45 mins from my house) Multi-Vocalists good hardcore jams.

National and International:

By All Means - Italian Hardcore. I saw them in 1998 on their tour of the US with AVAIL and BOY SETS FIRE. Hardcore that stands alone in style.

Moss Icon - EMOCORE pioneers, mixed hardcore and freeform poetry with jazz influences. This is some cool stuff pick up their CD if you find it and you find this style interesting.

I could make this list miles long, I'll stop there for now.

My most favorite local band was: blackhand this was my band with my friend Thom.

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Kingston Wall - Finnish rockband that released trilogy of records and then their musical genius man Petri Walli made a suicide by jumping off from churchtower. He was 27 years old when he did it if I remember correctly Ö_ö just like Kurt, Jimi, Morrison etc...

And José Goldfish. Our band. Excellent progressive hardrock with right attitude and pretty boys :)

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Sigur Ros

You really think they're unknown?

Sigur Ros is a popular band, imo. Especially in Iceland.

staggering, considering theyre from iceland.

yeah, and...??

A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE HEARD OF THEM...believe it or not, Iceland is inhabited with more than just fresh cod and snow blocks.

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