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Not having a group shot of the current band is bad, but it's not an excuse. That site was made by design professionals, and they know how to edit a picture. As far as I can tell anyone with average photo editing skills can get a picture of each of the current bandmembers and make a group picture in photoshop. They just didn't do it because they're lazy, it's so much easier to use an old pic! Besides they put this site up when there were already many photos from the Asian and Canadian concerts.


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Axl Rose is back!

Guns N' Roses was consider the most dangerous band in the world. Overrated? When talking about Axl, no.

Tokyo Airport, December 10th. A lot of people watching the check in, so something happens. Punches, "bad words". "What's happening?" asks someone, "Axl is BACK!" answers fans from all around the world.

Politicaly incorrect, with lots of fights in the carrer, this new episode with the Guns N' Roses leader and singer happened in the beginig of the Chinese Democracy tour, CD that took 13 years and 13 million dollars to be launched.

Just after the launch, the fans waited for clips and a World Tour. But, Axl was gone and only after one year the band started announcing concerts, that already went to Taipei, in Taiwan, Seoul, in Korea and Tokyo in Japan. In all the concerts the setlist was huge, they lenght more than 3 hours. And know, Axl wants to make the brazilian fans happy.

Before Brazil, in March, the band has a serie of concerts booked in Canada. Axl is the only one from the the original formation. But as we can see in the concerts of the tour, who really cares? The beast is back.

Dj Ashva is the new Guns N' Roses guitarrist. The old Slash's top hat was changed for a modern hat.

After a long wait, Guns N' Roses is finally in Brazil. For the first time in history, the band will play 5 concerts. The tickets will be avaible on Ticketmaster on the 25th.

The concerts will be at March:

7th: Brasilia - Nilson Nleson Gym

10th: Belo Horizonte - Mineirinho Gym

13th: São Paulo - Palmeiras Stadium

14th: Rio de Janeiro - Apoteose Park

16th: Porto Alegre - Gigantinho Arena

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