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  1. Yeah it's not one I see out but something I flip on once in a while. I sure do love Axl's performance on Human Being
  2. man, speak for yourself! I love that album!
  3. Sounded good when he did that Bugs Bunny song. That was post AC/DC
  4. Doesn't seem like it'd be any harder than a new band being discovered. It's not only the older crowd going to GNR shows.
  5. Well, on the bright side, it's better than NOTHING to tide us over
  6. I remember YEARS ago, like in 1996/1997 GNR was rumored to have a song for the Jackie Chan film "Mr. Nice Guy". Weird that it's Hard Skool.
  7. :/ That sucks. I thought I was talking to someone who wanted to have a conversation.
  8. I understand. You want more organic, written by the present band than sort of "touched" up old leaks. Now, had you not heard those leaks, how would you feel about the songs?
  9. I am curious as to where these song releases will lead. They've been once a month now correct?
  10. Man, isn't that annoying? Itunes changed up and now it's all weird
  11. I had read about a rumored EP showing up on October 1st. Is there any truth to this?
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