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  1. I used easy CD extractor to rip cd's/audio convert normally but it's kinda pricey. What do you guys use?
  2. Please move this to appropriate section if it's not in the right one. I'm thinking about purchasing a couple of Metallica albums from their site in FLAC-HD format. The site states that you get 3 times the fidelity of a normal CD. Here are my questions 1. Is this claim actually true and if so, how noticeable is it? 2. FLAC-HD isn't compatible with my Ipod. Which format would be comparable?
  3. You know, I kinda like the original version better. I don't like this one as much as the first go around. Disk 2 is wasted potential with 2 tracks dedicated to Lars wasting 5 minutes just talking and then the conductor (I think?) talking. Leave that for the liner notes. I do wish there was at least one new song this time too.
  4. Yeah me too. It was nice when it came out at the time with it being approx 7 min. More GNR to listen to! I remember the B-side listing as "Escape to Paris" and thought it was another GNR song-until I heard it
  5. I only liked his debut album and none of the followups. I did like the EP Blooze though. That was pretty cool.
  6. I'll just wait for the double dip blu-ray By the way, for S&M 2, does anyone know if there will be isolated band/orchestra tracks like the S&M dvd?
  7. It won't live up to the hype and you'll get YouTube trolls hating on it for clicks etc.
  8. Was that Donnington? I thought it was someplace else-Axl mentioning house lights etc.
  9. I listened to that A LOT when I first heard it. I remember it was an audience recording and there's no better sounding version of it. I think someone tried to remix it years ago but it sounded terrible.
  10. Yep! Then that's it till Fall 2020 when the Baby Yoda craze is at 0
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