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Difference between MP4 and MP5


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I am just looking to buy a new portable media player. There are tons of different media players are available in the market to choose from. I know very well that MP3 is a songs player and MP4 videos player, but not sure about MP5. Can anyone tell me what the big difference between MP4 and MP5 is?

Thanks for your input.

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mp5 isn't an official thing really, people say it's a marketing strategy to fool people into thinking they're getting something new and exciting...

But I think it's meant to be mainly for watching videos anyway (converted from PC to any portable device)

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i have come to the conclusion that the difference is retards will pay more for mp5 thinking it is better

This pretty much sums it up! :lol:

Because as we know, everything with a higher number is better.

razor blades.


make it mach 16 turbo and its sold

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