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Fans will live-stream São Paulo March 13th


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Very High Quality. :thumbsup:

You can say that after it's started streaming. There's a completely legitimate chance this won't even go through. It's basically someone filming a show, and instead of trading it out, sharing it live. They run the same risks as all filmers do; that is getting caught at entrance, and getting spotted by security during the concert.

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None will be disapointed, since it is free and no other choice ! I think.

About the comment on being caught during recording, none knows I am streaming live and no red lights (I broke the LED).

No incidents on previous shows ! Why worry ?

I doubt I will be caught ! Also bringing a DVDcam.

PS: There is no need a Qik account to watch the vids. But it is needed if you wish to send me text messages !

See you on live ! http://qik.com/cariocasp

Just leave this page open, and when I start to stream live, the vidoe and sound will pop up !



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