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Five Finger Death Punch


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dude for once you make a thread about a band that isn't radio friendly post grunge garbage and yet its still THE MOST GENERIC CRAP OF THE GENRE, though "metalcore" is dying fast and 80% of the bands all sound the same, theres a few decent bands that stick out:

Norma Jean

I kinda hate Norma Jean but that song got me interested in all the ROOOAAR shit

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When I first heard the name Five Finger Death Punch I was thinking they'd sound something like Pantera, Slayer, or Lamb Of God. Then I heard a few of their songs. Major disappointment, imo. Alot of my friends love this band, but I think they're garbage for the most part. They don't deserve a cool name like Five Finger Death Punch either.

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They are all right, generic, yes. Bad, no. I can stand Hard To See, Under and Over It, and a couple of other songs. They are not even in the same league as most music I listen to though. Machine Head, Lamb of God, Slipknot, etc. are all much better than them, maybe a little older, but remember The Sword (an awesome band, Sabbath like, check them out if you've got the time.) or even Wolfmother are also recent bands that are great. Bad Company was alright first time around, now I want to burn their excuse of a cover of the song.

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My post in this thread from a year and a half ago shows I've hated them for a while now, but having an absurdly musically oblivious girlfriend spew praise for them for about five months really took the hate to a whole new level. Just hearing the name of the band makes me feel like calling her and telling her how little room she has to ever say anything pertaining to music ever again. Guitars aren't very important to rock/metal music? Looks are more important than the music they write and play? Solos are pointless? And I'm dumb for disagreeing with any of this?! AHHHHHHH!

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