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Willie Nelson

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So, I'm pretty sure that I haven't started a Willie thread before, if that's possible. Its been about three or four years since I began listening to him, and I have hardly slowed down at all during that time. He is a brilliant songwriter, guitarist, and interpretive vocalist and I just plain love most of his records. He is always doing something different and whatever that happens to be it tends to be a success. I like his overproduced 80s Pop Country albums as much as his 70s concept albums. Admittedly, he has lost some steam in old age and knows that he doesn't have to really sing anymore, but I have seen him live twice and enjoyed the show both times. I can also enjoy some, but not all, of his recent output. In terms of my appreciation of Willie it also doesn't hurt that his late best friend and frequent collaborator, Waylon Jennings, is an artist I listen to just about as much. We have the same favorite plant too. :lol:

My Willie albums, with stars on the absolute favorites:

Shotgun Willie

Phases and Stages

Red Headed Stranger

The Troublemaker*

Waylon & Willie (with Waylon Jennings)


One For The Road (with Leon Russell)

Pretty Paper

San Antonio Rose (with Ray Price)*

Honeysuckle Rose

Always On My Mind*

City of New Orleans

Tougher Than Leather

Willie And The Wheel (with Asleep At The Wheel)

Any suggestions for my next Willie albums are more than welcome! I hope there are some other fans who would like to discuss the legend.

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you need to dive into his 1960's RCA Stuff. some great material in there. even though the production is a little on the "slick" side (orchestration, etc) the songs are mostly A+ material.

get "Naked Willie", it's some of his great 60's material with the excess overdubbing removed. really good stuff.



this song is not on there, but it's a good representation of his earlier work:


from the great album recorded live in Fort Worth, TX in 1966:


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Guest deleted_19765

I've been playing Waylon & Willie a lot lately. Its so cheaply produced but the two of them were too on fire at that time for it to matter. "I Can Get Off On You" is just the grooviest song and "A Couple More Years" is one of Willie's best. And who can't love the cover?


Its enough to make you proud to be American.

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