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Eat The Worm shirt


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Ha, cool.

That's the first time I've ever watched that MTV performance the whole way through, and that crowd looked like a boring sack of shit. It was a great performance though.

I'm more interested in Axl's recent shirts. Like the "JUST ANOTHER FUCKER IN A BAND".

I can tell you that he wore an Obey t-shirt in some of the concerts. This one:


From their collection "Duality of Humanity".

Actually, they make a lot of t-shirt that could be related to GN'R, because they uses guns and roses in many of their designs, but their designs in general could look like something GN'R would use for a poster. Take these designs for example:






Just look at the little logo above the magazine on the above picture, it could look like one of the new-GN'R logos, take this for an example:


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And this:


Tell me that doesn't look like this:


(Yes, that first one is an Obey design too, look at their official site for more here)

And guess who designed the Led Zeppelin - Mothership cover? ;) Obey did.


Aaaand; do you remember the old, fake Chinese Demoracy cover? Yes, that was also taken from an Obey design.


Sorry, getting a little OT here, I just love Obey, their designs and art is just crazy cool, it's been my favourite brand for many years, yet I only have one t-shirt by them.

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