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How To Destroy Angels [Two new songs released inside]


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Trent Reznor and Wife Mariqueen Maandig Are How to Destroy Angels

Last year, Nine Inch Nails played their final show as a touring entity, and mastermind Trent Reznor married former West Indian Girl frontwoman Mariqueen Maandig. Now, Reznor and Maandig have formed the group How to Destroy Angels. They'll release a self-titled, six-song EP this summer.

The new group has a website, as well as a Twitter, a MySpace, and pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. But all the information we've seen on them is in the 40-second video below. The clip features a hand, presumably Maandig's, tweaking a knob while some fuzzed-out and evil-sounding electro blares. Other than that, all we know is that they appear to be named after a 1984 album by industrial pioneers Coil. For the moment, that's all we need to know.


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At least she's been in bands. Reznor gave the impression he's going to produce and be in the background more, and from time to time, tour under his own name. I can tell he wants to put NIN in the past and keep it as a specific body of work, and not let it define who he is as an artist that wants to try different things. You also have to remember he had been a professional musician for more than half of the 80s, but word didn't spread until the end of the decade.

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Typical shit Trent has done in the past ten years. To be honest I think he stopped being great with "The Fragile". This track kind of reminds me of "the frail", "the fragile", and other stuff on the fragile, except it's a woman singing (and a really boring voice). I think it's really bad and he should take a real break and come back later with something new.

It's really poor music to be honest, even if there's some effort with the weird sounding violins, but the piano is minimalist , lazy and boring, so is the bass, so is the guitar, so is the singer.

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Liking it quite a lot too. It's haunting enough surely! Her voice and TR's lyrics get along just fine. (um, assuming lyrics were by TR,atleast chorus certainly looks like it.

Also, if working together with Trent doesn't result in borderline immediate divorce,then their marriage will last forever without a doubt.

"Ok Mariqueen, play a "D"

*she plays a D*

"No no, play it like you wanted to say fuck you with your guitar. "

*she plays a D*

"Ahh fuck it, I'll do it myself"

Couple of promo pictures.. these have Rob Sheridan written allover them..I'm glad he is still around.



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I don't like the huge amount of monotony present in the music. When it is monotony put together and composed by someone like Reznor it's plain frustrating. There aren't (m)any better out there, when it comes to creating beautiful and incredibly well layered soundscapes. Instead of putting this talent into good use, he comes up with this..this blah. It is like watching brilliant director like Tarantino wasting his time by doing a Hong Kong kickfest bullshit movie. I want LAYERS! Goddamn it! Or proper ambitious rhythm, real attempt to set the mood. Instead there is nothing but this DUN DUN WHIRR WHIRR DUN DUN WHIRR WHIRR drums+drone guitar that goes nowhere.

Great lyrics that really DEMAND to be heard, or a voice so beautiful it is better an instrument than any guitar are among the reasons that justify such vast amount of monotony..So far neither is there.

These aren't bad songs,new one is quite good actually. Just nothing overly..exiting or memorable.

...Except for the creative effort of the guys responsible for special effects on the video. I mean, goddamn. That's some impressive flames+burning. You can actually see his/her face changing and turning as the flames consume it, Hollywood quality.

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