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"Paparazzi" cover

Gods Favourite

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I wish I could play piano like that, or at all.

Me too :( I really, really want to learn it and have been wanting to for years, just never really got to it. One of my friends, she plays so damn good, and when she's playing songs like Don't Cry and November Rain for me, I'm like: "Fuck you, teach me how to". Then she'll teach me the intro for SCOM, which I'll forget 5 minutes later <_<

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I watched it after hearing it massively hyped, and that kid is sick at piano, but I wasn't blown away as I thought I would be by the vocals. However, kid has deffo got talent - and as Gaga says, if you keep him away from girls and drink - he'll go far!

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Sure is an amazing performance.

The one he pulls off in that Ellen show is weaker, but well worth watching for another reason; it is incredibly fucking creepy. That old hag just..stalks the poor kiddo through the song and does great job in looking like most famous female pedo in world.

....I realize she has been placed there as some sort of a lame, organic watermark but holy fucking shit. It just looks plain silly/bad. Is it not enough to have "ELLENS SHOW!" text in bottom of the screen?

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