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Question For Guitarists

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Yes, the difference really is that big. I have both, and while the difference may not be that big when you look at the specs, it is really big when you have it in your hands (that's what she said) and play it.

People, who say that it is only a matter of the name on the headstock are the ones, who can not afford a Gibson and try to convince themselves that they are very happy about it.

But go to your local music store and try them both for yourself. :)

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I have both a Gibson Custom and an Epiphone Limited Edition and while the price difference might not be justified ( the Gibson is 5 times the price of the other one ^^' ) the sound IS quite different : the Gibson has way more dynamics, longer sustain, is nowhere near as muddy, way better finish etc etc...

It's about the same difference as between real amp and modelisation. Both sound great, and modelisation doesn't sound TOO different, but when you're playing them both, the former is most definitely superior.

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Gibson's are made with better materials, little better electronics, and they are hand built, not in assembly line (or so I think) + Gibson's are Gibson's.

You will get a better guitar than Epi with about 700-900€, I like ESP LTD EC-1000.

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I started out playing on my brothers Les Paul. I can't even touch an epiphone. The necks suck, they are too heavy. They do sound alright though... Les Pauls are made out of better material and have better electronics on them.

While your at it, if your looking to get one look up Heritage guitars. In 1980 4 guys who used to work at Gibson left Gibson and reopened the Kalamazoo factory where all Gibsons where made (Duane Allmans, Jimmy Pages, Claptons, the 59' lp), almost all of them where made there and now the guys are hand making the guitars and putting more time and effort into every guitar instead of the mass produced Gibson. People consider them a continuation of the Kalamazoo legacy, not a knock off brand.

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