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after sitting here and watching old videos and new videos I think in the words of Frank Sinatra, its time ... Slash being the great guitar player he is and Axl being the phenomenal singer he is, after 20 years or so of discord its about time ..

Axl, at almost 50 still has it, and Slash still has it .. If it werent for each other none of them would be anywhere ... I only wish Axl being the lynch pin would see the light .. After almost 25 years the only person who can really win is the average fan .. Then again Im in Massachusetts and let me tell ya, its a cold ass day in hell

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There is a section here which is specifically made for Axl/Slash fanfiction.

They call it the "Reunion" section. You should check it out.

I know scrolling down those extra few inches of the page, and finding that tiny, carefully hidden word "Reunion" and clicking on it may seem a task which is incredibly hard to some, but the painstaking effort will be worth it, and the forum overall better for it.

Godspeed, dear friend!

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